The Original Dance Craze Classic Revisited: “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths

Electric Boogie Marcia Griffiths

First and foremost, I was today years old when I learned that the name of this song is “Electric Boogie” and not “Electric Slide”.  I’ve been dancing to it for over 30 years and have been none the wiser!  Goes to show you learn something new every day.  Even with this new found fact….the Culture call it the “Electric Slide”, so I’m calling it the “Electric Slide”.  It’s almost like “Boogie” is it’s government name, but errbody in the streets know them as “Slide”.  Moving on.

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The “Electric Slide” is in EVERY DJs library, whether they’re young, old, conservative or new age, it doesn’t matter.  This song gets people up and out of their seats.  I’m not talking a handful of folks on the dancefloor, I’m talking jam packed tryna fit on the dancefloor.  Who knew that when this song was released on 1990, 31 years ago, that it would become such a  pop culture phenomenon.

Where is it played?  Shoot, where is it not played??  You will hear this at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, going away parties, cookouts, you name it.  I remember when I was young and this song would come on at our family functions at “Knights of Columbus” and suddenly all the surrounding tables were empty.  It just looked so cool and I wanted to learn so bad!  As Marcia was singing “I’ve got to mooooove, I’m going on a party ride…” my 10 year old self wanted in on the party!  So once I learned the dance moves, there was no turning back.

This song is quite minimal when it comes to the lyrics, not much too it.  Some of it is even inaudible.  You know the part I’m talking bout when ol’ boy start talking fast for no reason and ends with “She sure got the boogie!”  But that’s the thing, this song isn’t really about the lyricism, it’s about the feeling of community and togetherness it creates when it plays.  Folks dancing in unison, putting their own twist on the moves and singing along.  You probably singing it right now!  “It’s electric!  Woogie woogie woogie…”  Words that will forever be at EVERY Black function until the end of time.