“This Is How We Do” by Montell Jordan: The Classic Party Anthem Revisited

The party may have been there on the “West Side,” but this song made it’s way all across the country and earned a spot in history as a 90s R&B classic.  “This Is How We Do It” is the song you play on “Friday night and you feel alright.”  When you’re ready to get the weekend poppin’.  This song is pure gold.  Even young kids from generations far after it came out can sing it word for word, most likely because of their parents love for it.

“This is how we do it” samples Hip-Hop classic, “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick, which honestly, in itself could be another song to make the list.  This sample is probably one of
reasons why it did so well right away.  It offers a sense of familiarity, but with the little things that they did to tweak the track and make it more current, the song also appealed to a younger audience as well.  Two birds, one stone.

There are so many memorable lines in this song!  Whether he was reaching for his 40, or seeing the “Summer time skirts, and the guys in Kani,” Montell painted a picture of a fun carefree night out.   He even made sure he had a designated driver, so you know he was tryna get it in that night!  It’s the responsibility for me!  But the best line … “You gotta get your grooooove on…”  You can’t tell me when he sing that part, it dont touch your soul.

In “This Is How We Do It” Montell Jordan might have been talking to South Central, but the whole country took notice of what a bomb azz song it was.  When it comes on “All hands are in the air” if you’re an O.G, Mack, wanna be player or any other kind of person.  It makes you want to participate.   So, until I can’t wave my hands from “here to they-yer” anymore like he says, this song will forever make me feel good.

“This Is How We Do It” was produced by Montell Jordan and Oji Pierce.  The pair also wrote the song, while Slick Rick also gets a writing credit because of the sample.  THe song was released in 1995.

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