What Are the Benefits of Owning a Timeshare? A Vacationer’s Guide

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Are you itching to go on a vacation with your family? Though the pandemic may change people’s traveling behaviors, it shouldn’t keep you from your next vacation.  If going on vacations is a staple activity for your family, then you may want to consider owning a timeshare.

However, if due to some reason, you don’t need the property, you can easily reach out to professional timeshare exit companies and cancel your ownership at any time. The procedure is pretty simple.

A timeshare is a property that different people co-own. These people can use the property at different times throughout the year. There are many other benefits to owning a timeshare.

The timeshare or vacation ownership market boasts impressive numbers. Yet, the numbers shouldn’t be enough to convince you to invest in a timeshare. You need to know the different timeshare benefits that you can enjoy.

Please continue reading below as we break down the advantages of owning a timeshare.

Guaranteed Vacations

One of the most popular benefits of a timeshare is the guaranteed vacations. As a timeshare owner, you can book your family vacation according to the stipulations of the contract you purchased.

Timeshare ownerships let you choose from fixed-week, floating week, fractional, or point-based options. Depending on the contract you choose, you don’t have to worry about running out of budget on your next vacation.

Because of the maintenance fees you are paying, you can be sure you’re getting proper accommodations. In turn, timeshare gives you peace of mind.

Furthermore, your vacation ownership grows and evolves with your family. As your children grow up and their interests change, you can upgrade certain details of your timeshare ownership.

You can change the specific times and locations of your vacations. You can even pass on the ownership to your children when the time comes.

Extensive Choices and Options

Another key benefit of a timeshare is the extensive options to enjoy your vacation. For starters, some companies offer thousands of vacation options. These options cover your accommodations, activities, and other amenities.

When it comes to accommodations, most timeshare properties offer a plethora of choices. These include studios and single to multiple-bedroom villas. You can reserve any of these rooms depending on your vacation plans.

Also, some of the leading timeshare brands own various properties in different locations. You can even find some of their properties in different parts of the world.

This means your family can enjoy summer somewhere in the US. They can also go on a winter getaway in a different country.

Better Value and Affordability

Compared to booking one-off reservations for your annual vacations, owning a timeshare offers greater affordability and value. Traditional booking of hotels and vacation spots comes with many complications. Several factors can affect the prices of the reservations.

For example, the specific time of the year can raise the prices of the reservations. Typically, summer and the holiday season are times wherein hotels and resorts jack up their prices.

Another factor is the desirability of the type of accommodation you are booking. With some accommodations looking more attractive, they always come with higher price tags.

Also, the time you make your booking can affect the hotel price. The earlier you book, the lower the prices are.

However, timeshare ownership eliminates all these factors and complications. By paying your annual fees, you don’t have to worry about price influxes and the like.

Additionally, you get to enjoy discounts on hotel reservations. You can find many timeshare systems that offer discounts on hotel bookings. There’s an online owner portal that showcases the different hotels offering discounted rates.

The booking discounts usually start at 10% and can go up to as high as 40%.

Better Amenities

With timeshare ownership, you can also expect better amenities. These cover both in-suite and on-site amenities.

For starters, the accommodations in timeshare properties are larger. They come with all the works: in-unit washers, dryers, and full kitchens. Some villas even come with hot tubs.

When you go outside, you can expect full-service spas and fitness centers. You can also enjoy different swimming pools for kids and adults.

When it comes to dining and entertainment, you can visit many bars and restaurants within the property. If you’re the outdoor kind of person, you can enjoy different outdoor adventures and other kinds of attractions for the entire family.

These timeshare amenities already give you many reasons to invest in vacation ownership.

Timeshare Exchange

When searching for timeshare systems, consider investing in one that has affiliations with external exchange networks. This is perfect for families that wish to expand their accommodations options.

Through the timeshare exchange component, you will have access to thousands of resorts. These resorts come from different parts of the world.

To pull this off, you can invest in an affordable annual membership. From there, you can deposit your points then trade them with any vacation options. You can find these within the database of your timeshare program.

Rent It Out

Last but not least, you can still capitalize on your timeshare investment by placing it up for rent. This is perfect for when your family doesn’t get to use your accommodations that often.

For example, you do not plan on using your timeshare next year; you can have a friend or relative rent it out. Doing so lets you make money out of your investment. In turn, you can use the payment to cover the annual maintenance fees.

You will find many owners renting out their timeshare ownerships to others. In case your children are big fans of Disney, check out various Disney Hilton Head resale options.

Generally, people rent timeshares for week intervals—most renters check-in on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Maximize Your Timeshare Benefits

You can experience a whole new level of vacationing with these benefits. You’ll also have fewer bumps along the way and more time to focus on your family.

However, there are ways to help you maximize these timeshare benefits. Check out our other articles and learn more about how to use your vacation ownership. We offer tips and suggestions that will help you get the most out of your timeshare investment.

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