DaniLeigh Speaks On Colorism Controversy Caused By Her “Yellow Bone” Song

Singer DaniLeigh found herself in the middle of some controversy this past week when she unveiled a brand new song titled, “Yellow Bone Is What He Wants”.  The song was posted on social media on along with a video of the singer looking clearly unbothered and dancing along.  The clip caught plenty of backlash and now DaniLeigh addresses colorism controversy.

DaniLeigh was called a colorist and a host of other names for her new song, “Yellow Bone”. The lyrics in a clip posted via social media went, “yellow bone is what he wants…” The singer took to social media to clarify her intentions with the song and to say that she wasn’t a racist. The song wasn’t

DaniLeigh explained, “I was just speaking on my man, that’s what he wants… To call me a colorist, it’s like how?  I’m dating a whole chocolate man.  I have beautiful melanin friends…”

“I’m sorry, I never intended to offend ya’ll at all,” she continued.

Watch DaniLeigh Addresses Colorism Controversy Below:

DaniLeigh is dating rapper, DaBaby.  His ex, and baby mother, Meme, is a darkskin woman.  So the song was assumed by some fans to be a shot at her.  Either way it just seemed like a bad look from the rising singer.  But at only 26 years old it is probably a controversy she can get past.

Update March 1, 2021:  
The issue came up again over a month later

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