8 Ways Covid19 Impacts The Education Process Of Student

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Covid 19 has caused unprecedented ripples throughout the whole world. Businesses have taken a hit. Despite the government’s intervention, recovery isn’t looking easy. Covid 19 has impacted tourism, airports, countries economy, sports e.t.c. Virtually all revenue-generating ways have been severely affected. 

There has been a rethink of how to conduct our activities with rapid digitising of activities being a viable alternative. Companies and governments all over the world have begun seeing the benefits of holding conferences and meetings online.  This saves cost which would have incurred to ensure physical attendance. 

Social life has also been seriously impacted.  Party planners and antendees have to contend with abiding by the covid 19 rules in the parties that they throw. The world has changed and everyone has to adapt to that change or risk stagnation. 

Education is one aspect Covid 19 has affected with the students as well as educational institutions feeling the impact of Covid 19. Students have had to contend with these changes one way or another. Not a lot of students or their parents are keen on this but the learning must go on. In this post, you are going to learn how Covid 19 impacts the education process of students. They are as follows;


Class Cancellation

This sits right on top of the covid 19 interference list on the education process of students. Covid 19 caused an early closure of schools and an end to physical classes. Most schools switched to online learning while schools in most countries in the African continent had to close and halt all educational processes totally. The class cancellation, put a strain on a lot of students who has had to adapt to the new method of learning, the online classes. 


Online Classes

This is the alternative to physical classes. Students have had to adapt to this new method with mixed levels of success. Some students have found it hard to cope with online schooling because of cost, some have found it hard to adapt to because their living environment is not suitable for learning e.t.c. The emergence of online classes has caused different Institutions to wonder if they truly need physical classes for graduate programs. As such, international students, especially the ones in graduate programs have been advised to return to their home country and learn from there. 


Economic Impacts

Focus is placed more on students who have to put themselves through school by working alongside their schooling activities. Covid 19 has caused many businesses to fold up and this has put a massive strain on the finances of students who have to work to get resources for online classes. This event seriously threatens the continued education of these students and it has manifested in the inability of some students to continue their enrolment. 


Comprehension of Certain Subjects

Mathematics is a major example of subjects giving students problems online. Ordinarily not a lot of students understand mathematics. Switching to online where there is a bit of disconnect from teacher to student hasn’t certainly made things better. Teachers should provide for their students adequate mathematics assignment help online during the online classes. 


Shift In Focus to Personal Efforts

A traditional class setting creates a deeper student-teacher connection and this allows the student to feel directly impacted by their teachers. Covid 19 has changed the rules a bit as students have to be more intentional about learning. There is no walkthrough as there might be during physical classes, so students who hope to gain knowledge after each class must concentrate harder than they have before. Teachers can help out the students by providing ways where the students would find personal learning interesting and not just leave students to buy assignment online. 


 Concentration Problem

Covid 19 has come with increased levels of depression. This also has affected students and has impacted severely on their concentration in classes. Student support which would have easily been gotten were physical classes permitted, would have helped curb the rise of depression among students. 


Revenue Loss for Institutions

There’s a potential reduction in the quality of education gotten as institutions have recorded a loss in revenue. 


Study – Life Imbalance

Physical schooling affords students to participate in physical activities that will take away the pressures of learning and also increase their capacity to understand. This has been taken away by online classes as students have to exert more personal effort in understanding what they’ve learned.  Their inability to go out of their houses does not afford them the chance to participate in extra activities outside of class.  


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