Five Effective Tips To Be Great Parents

Tips To Be Great Parents
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Are you a good parent? But, what is a good parent? Well, a good parent is someone who aspires to make decisions in the best interest of their child. Honestly, to be great parents, you do not have to be perfect. None of us are perfect, so you need to acknowledge the fact that your child is not perfect either. So, anytime you set expectations from them, keep this in mind. 

For successful parenting, you do not have to achieve perfection. However, that does not mean that you should not be working towards your goal. You need to set high standards, first for yourself and then for your child. You are your kids’ role model. Here, in this article, we will try to give you some practical, helpful, and incredibly effective tips to make you a better parent. Now, let us get started and address these tips to be great parents one by one. 


Boost your child’s self-esteem

‘When the kids are little, they begin inculcating a sense of self. This is when they see themselves through your eyes. So, your expression, your body language, your tone of voice, and everything else is absorbed by the kids,’ comments Daisy, a mother of two who offers business writing courses online with a TrumpLearning.            

Well, we truly agree with what Daisy just pointed out here. Further, we would like to add that your every action and word as a parent will have a direct implication on your child’s self-esteem, and what you feel about them matters more than anything else (to them).  

Hence, make it a conscious effort to praise every little accomplishment of your child. It makes them feel proud of themselves. When you give wings to your child, they feel more independent, strong, and capable. On the other hand, if you continue belittling your child’s every action, they will lose their confidence, and it may, at times, mar them for life. Some kids are very sensitive, and when you use your words as weapons, they feel worthless.

Avoid comments, such as, ‘You are more kid than your baby sister!’ or ‘That’s a foolish thing. Dare you do that!’  

Trust us when we say this; these comments can do greater damage to your child and is just as dangerous as the physical blows. So, be compassionate and careful in the things you say to your child. Anytime they make mistakes, try to deal with them calmly. You can say compassionate things, such as, ‘All of us make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself.’ 


Do not indulge in labels and comparisons

All of us aspire to be parents who take the time and effort to instill good manners, positive habits, and behavior in their children. But, how do you go about with it? With the controlled chaos a routine in our everyday lives, the bigger question is when you should do that? Well, fret no more. 

Nadia, who works with EduWorldUSA, and offers ‘do my assignment for me‘ services for children, has the perfect answer to the how and when.  

She says, ‘Good parenting will always happen in real-time – In the moment, on the spot. So, you need to have the patience and the keen eye to recognize the moments when your reactions and actions can help the child grow and learn in the best manner possible.’  


Do not clip your child’s wings

The mission of your child is to achieve independence. So, when your child is developmentally capable of putting their toys away, dress and bathes themselves, clear their plates from the table, could you not offer to do it for them? 

‘A great way to work on your child’s self-esteem and your personal sanity is by delegating the responsibilities – one at a time, to your child,’ comments Ruby, a mother of a teenage daughter who works with TFTH and offers online homework writing services.


Become a good role model

As a parent, you should swear by the phrase – Walk the Walk! What does this imply in parenting? Do not just go on telling your child what you wish them to be, instead show them! 

‘As humans, we have an inherent specialty in aping others. We learn by imitation and are programmed to copy the other person’s actions, comprehend them, and incorporate them into our lives. Children, too, do that, and they start imitating their parents’ actions. You may not even realize it, but your child is keenly observing everything you do. So, if you want them to learn or do something, you need to do that on your own,’ comments Sarah, an educator with TAE who offers statistics assignment help services. 

Let us explain what Sarah just said with an example.

See, for instance, you want your child to be honest and not speak lies, then you should try to be honest and truthful in your lives too. If your child sees you lying over the phone and telling the person on the other end that you are busy while you are only sitting idle lounging on the couch, wouldn’t they pick on the same habits? 

So, first, be the role model, and then you can be assured that your child will follow your actions. Hence, if you want them to respect you, respect your parents first, and do not talk back to them, especially when you are around your kids. 


Praise your child, and not only the action

‘Anytime your child does something that makes you proud, do not only celebrate the action but instead celebrate your child,’ states Martha, an online AP chemistry tutor. 

See, let us explain this further. When your child shares their chocolate with their friend, you can say something like, ‘Good job, That’s really kind of you,’ instead of only saying, ‘Sharing is a good habit.’  

If you see closely, it is only a twist of some words, and the impact it will leave on your child will be tremendous. 

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