[WATCH] Singer Ayzha Nyree Unveils New Visual, “Noya”; & Shares Fun Facts

Virginia is the birthplace of a couple of talented R&B singers that have had their hands in music for over 15 years.  No doubt, twenty-one year old, Fredricksburg, Virginia native, Ayzha Nyree would hope to have a similar career to Breezy and Trigga.  The Los Angeles resident, now a Republic Records signee has begun paving her own way with a couple of viral Tik Tok looks and a couple singles of her own, including the most recently released, “Noya.”

“Noya” was revealed last month, complete with a stunning visual.

“It’s a beautiful visual that depicts me breaking out of this mental prison I’ve been in,” Ayzha shared. “I feel like a lot of other people have been in a similar space as well, so my hope is that people can relate! For me, it has been a challenge in relationships and friendships to have self-confidence and to stand up for myself and what I believe in, which I know is common for a lot of people, especially women, so I put all of that into this song. The visual for ‘Noya’ is a way to begin to share my story with hopes that other people can relate and break out of their mental prisons too.”

Watch the “Noya” visual below:

“Noya” follows the single, “TLC,” which was released back in November 2020.  The singles couldn’t be more distinct from each other, showcasing her talent in a variety of ways.

After watch the videos, get familiar with Ayzha Nyree.  The talented singer shared some fun facts about herself:

1.     Even though I’m allergic, I have a 5-month-old Merle French Bulldog & I named her after the song “Noya.”

2.     I went to college for audio engineering for a little bit, but quickly dropped out to fully pursue my career as an artist.

3.     Before I ever decided to make music, I was homeless for about 3 months after a toxic relationship that lasted for about a year-and-a-half. 

4.     I recorded & mixed my first few songs on my phone with an app called Sound Trap, and people actually streamed them! We would bump them at parties in upstate NY like it was nothing.

5.     I’m not religious! I believe in spirituality and some astrology. I love all religions and learning about different cultures and practices because God is different for everybody and it is not anyone’s right to say who’s wrong and who isn’t. Nobody knows the answers, and I believe as long as you have some form of God flowing through you, you practice unity and spread light and love, that’s the only thing that matters. 


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