[WATCH] Newcomer Kristen Merritt Unveils New Visual, “I’m Done”; & Shares Fun Facts

Something about hearing Kristen Merritt’s new single, just grabbed at me.  Her voice tickled the senses and I immediately wanted to know more about the songstress.  Detroit born, Brooklyn, NY based newcomer Kristen Merritt has released music before, including three singles in 2020 and an EP titled Spectrum in 2019.  Still, she’s making a name for herself and developing a fan base with every new release and visual.  The latest, is “I’m Done”.

“I wanted to capture the internal struggle that is felt when ending a relationship, even one that didn’t serve us in the ways we needed or deserved,” Kristen shared.  “In my process, I had to get comfortable with the notion that it’s not all tears of sadness and longing and heartbreakit’s also anger. I was never very comfortable with being angryI just wanted to skip that phase of grieving the loss of a person, relationship, etc. But in allowing myself to work through the anger, recognizing at times it’s gentler and takes the form of annoyance, while at other times it can also be bold and deeply pained, I was able to release it. This song and video express the beautiful finality that comes with this release while also exploring the feelings of anger/annoyance/frustration/realization themselves. There is no shame in feeling the full spectrum of emotions, I’ve learned, and allowing myself to feel angry when that is honest will not negate or displace my natural state of joy and peace.” 

After watch the video, get familiar with Kristen Merritt.  The talented singer shared some fun facts about herself:

  1. I speak and sing in English, French, and Korean. While I’m not fluent in French or Korean yet, these languages are close to my heart, and in the spirit of connecting with people deeply, I truly cherish the language learning process!
  2. I have meditated every day for the past year, and I plan to do so every day for the rest of my life. Meditation has brought me such great calm, peace, and detachment—all without sacrificing any creative energy, enthusiasm, or joy. The practice has only deepened my gratitude for all things as they are while simultaneously keeping me level-headed enough to stay motivated to keep moving forward in peace and joy.

  3. I went to college and ended up majoring in Geology, of all things! To this day, if ever I’m out in nature, and there is an interesting rock near, I am quick to see if I can figure out what it is.

  4. I didn’t actually start singing/performing until my senior year of high school. I didn’t start learning guitar until I was 21. I didn’t have sound engineering skills before I mixed my first single and then produced, mixed, and mastered this album. I’ve struggled with the fear that “I’m too late/old” to have a successful music career, but I, along with countless others, are proof that it’s never too late to start something you love.

  5. I am an earring fiend! Ever since I got my ears pierced by two shop people simultaneously because I was so afraid of getting them done one at a time, I have been collecting the most colorful and unique earrings. I will legit wear a pair with no intention of leaving the house that day just because I love the way they make me feel.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristen.merritt510/



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