Three NBA Trade Rumors That Make Perfect Sense

NBA Trade Rumors
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Since the NBA has just wrapped their latest season, teams are now wide open for discussion and “rumorology”, the upcoming draft and what trades could be landed prior to next season. NBA odds experts are always keen on keeping an eye on all the action unfolding around the league to make sure they can offer the best predictions around and trade rumors always end up becoming a huge part of how everything plays out at the end.

Now, if there’s one thing that’s true is that new NBA trade rumors will constantly continue to pop out of anywhere and everywhere. Without care for how real or nefarious they may sound they will always be there. But then, there are some NBA trade rumors that hold enough accountability and backbone that they just end up making perfect sense. Here are three trade rumors that if they were to happen would make perfect sense.

Houston Rockets Send Eric Gordon To The New Orleans Pelicans

Any team looking for a player that can come off the bench or even start and put in work day in and day out, as well as add some veteran savvy would definitely benefit from having a guy like Eric Gordon around. While the former “6th Man of the Year” award recipient might not show any signs of his outside shooting skills being on par as to what they used to, this is a man whose skill set could benefit any team who is looking for a player who is also not on the verge of an expiring contract, making his trade much more comfortable and possible on both ends.

Here is exactly where a team like the New Orleans Pelicans jump into action. This team’s young core, led by Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram could definitely use the help of a veteran like Gordon to even out the youth factor with the experience. If the Pelicans are able to bring Lonzo Ball back as well, matching whatever offers he receives in free agency, adding Ball to a back court with Williamson, Ingram and Gordon would only make this team better and better as they strive to make it to the postseason after recording a dismal 31-41 record last season that saw them miss out on the playoffs. At the end of the day, Gordon could seriously benefit from a change of airs and going back to NOLA, a place where he played from 2011 to 2016 could work wonders for him, either as their new starting shooting guard or as a top notch weapon in their second unit.

The Miami Heat Get Marvin Bagley III From The Sacramento Kings

The Heat are in dire need to find a suitable accompaniment for Bam Adebayo in the center position, since Adebayo is their only real reliable man on their roster at that position. After having to part ways with Meyers Leonard, given the racism controversy that sprung around him, Adebayo has had to take up more and more workloads for Miami basically running him thin at the position and showing that a need for a new center is more than necessary, thus entering Marvin Bagley III.

The Kings’ center has started making serious rounds in the trade rumor boards, especially given the fact that his relationship with Sacramento fans does not really seem to be able to find a way for a middle ground. In reality, a trade that can see Bagley make his way to Miami would end up being the best option for both teams. Although Bagley’s defensive skills might have some red flags around them, especially for a defensive driven coach like Erik Spoelstra, Miami’s coach is a master schemer and can probably find a way to use Bagley in the number 4 position, hiding him on defense and being able to get the most out of him.

The 76ers Send Ben Simmons To Sacramento For De’Aaron Fox

So it’s no secret that the relationship between the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons is further away from seeing the light of day than it is from finally splitting up, for the good of both parties. Simmons, while a great player, has not been able to truly showcase why the Sixers have invested so much in him, especially after last season’s playoff performances that saw Simmons horribly underperform. Simply put, the Sixers are ready to move on from Simmons and want to be able to build a championship ready team around Joel Embiid. With that said, rumors about a Ben Simmons for De’Aaron Fox trade between Philadelphia and Sacramento have taken off and are making more and more sense as time goes by.

If the 76ers are able to land Fox, they’d be getting a player who’s on the brink of being an all-star, with a salary that nearly matches Simmons’ so the financial blow could be sustainable and an all-around great, young (only 23 years old) option to have play with Embiid. Fox’s speed at point guard and his abilities to get his own offense, even while his shooting skills from range are not as great make him an excellent choice for a Sixers team that needs to fill this team with talent while Embiid’s championship window is still open.

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