5 Great Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas
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Planning a great wedding anniversary celebration will show your spouse how much you appreciate them being in your life and can be another public declaration of your love if you choose to have a celebration that includes family and friends. Taking time out from work and other responsibilities to focus on your relationship is always important, but particularly when you mark another year of married life together. 

Wedding Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary party is often planned for couples celebrating a milestone anniversary such as a silver (25 years), gold (50 years) anniversary. However, you can have a party any year you wish and do it just the way you want. You can relive your first dance or have a band, DJ or musician playing the songs that have had the most meaning in your lives together. The music will set the tone for the party. 

Party themes

Many couples use a theme for an anniversary party which makes planning easier. If you are unsure where to start, use the anniversary gifts lists by year in which each year is represented by a material, colour, gemstone and flower from which you can get inspiration. As an example, for your ninth anniversary, you could tie your theme to the traditional gifts of willow or pottery, the modern gift of leather, the poppy flower, the amethyst gemstone or the colour terracotta. 

Renewal of vows

Some couples will renew their wedding vows at milestone anniversaries or to mark a significant anniversary that follows a year in which the couple has overcome some significant challenges in their marriage. This can be a party that suits you both, from a vast party for friends at a grand hotel to a smaller family-focused gathering at a local restaurant or the family home. A quiet meal in which the two of you renew your original vows can be particularly romantic. 


Gifts are an important part of any wedding anniversary celebration. Whilst experience gifts can create some incredible memories and open up potential new hobbies and interests, it is important to gift something tangible that will commemorate the day and can be a daily reminder of the respect, admiration and love you have for your spouse. This could be a piece of jewelry, a wooden anniversary gift or home décor in a style that suits your personalities. Urban art on canvas is the perfect gift on your first wedding anniversary as the traditional gift that year is paper.  

Make sure the two of you have time together on the day. If you can take the day off you can choose to take on a challenge at the local racetrack or try sky diving, or simply enjoy time at home with your favorite take-out in front of your favorite movie. 

Write a love letter

As a creative individual, you are well place to write some words of appreciation and love to your partner. If you are stuck for words, take inspiration from the lyrics of your first dance song or any other music that is meaningful to you both. Write this letter by hand, even if your writing may not be neat. The personal touch and the obvious efforts made to show your beloved just how important they are to you and how much you adore them will make it all the more special. Over time, these letters are precious reminders of all that you have lived through together and become an heirloom gift that many will treasure in the years ahead.

Take a trip down memory lane

Whilst an anniversary is a time to look forward to the year ahead, it is also a time to look back at what you have achieved individually and as a couple in the year that has passed. Whilst our lives as a couple only overlap in part, a reminiscence of the years together can be fun. A first anniversary usually sees the couple re-watching their wedding video whilst later anniversaries are an excuse to bring out printed photographs as well as digital albums to relive special moments and memories together with close friends and family. Those with young families can entertain their children with stories from the day.

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