Cannabis Party Rules For Guests & Hosts In 2021

Fall is here, and the festivities are just around the corner. Before you know, Christmas celebrations will begin. But things will be different this year, just like the last year when the pandemic was around. Even as vaccine rollouts are in full swing, the virus is still here, and partying at crowded venues does not make sense. The best way to celebrate this season is by hosting and attending parties at home. 

You can take things the extra mile by planning cannabis get-togethers with your gang. It makes a great idea if you want to indulge in your favorite goodies and have a great time with your cannabis-loving friends. But you have to follow some rules to be safe from the virus and consume sensibly. Let us list the ones every guest and host must stick with for cannabis parties in 2021. 

Be on the right side of the law 

Even before you go ahead with party planning, you must understand the law in your area. The good thing is that cannabis is legal in many states in the US, so you need not worry much if you live in one of them. You can organize a get-together at home as long as your guests are past the permissible age. Moreover, you must know the regulations related to the quantities of cannabis you can buy or possess at a point. You can ask your friends to purchase the supplies and bring them to the venue to be on the right side of the law. If you follow the legal regulations, there is hardly anything else to worry about.

Pick your guest list wisely

As a host, you need to pick your guest list wisely. Stick with cannabis enthusiasts, and avoid having others for the get-together. If you mix up everything, you will end up with two separate menus. It can get overwhelming to manage two parties in one. Moreover, you will have to ensure that you serve the right food to cannabis users and keep it away from the others. When you prepare your guest list this year, take care that you do not crowd up your space. Social distancing continues to be important, and you must follow it as a rule of thumb.

Prepare your menu judiciously

Partying with cannabis is also about preparing your menu judiciously. The best piece of advice is to consult a friend with experience in organizing such parties. They can have some good recommendations for the party menu. They can even suggest places to find weed and other product variants of top quality at the best price. Ideally, you must look for a doorstep delivery option because it is a lot more convenient. As a guest, you can volunteer to bring a dish or two for the occasion. If you are great at cooking with cannabis, prepare your specialty and add it to the menu as a surprise. 

Ensure everyone goes low and slow

The holidays are a time to indulge, but the last thing you should do is overdose on cannabis. Make sure that no one in the gathering goes wrong with the dosage. Keep an eye on the newbies because they are at a high risk of overdoing things. They may overdose by mistake or just get over enthusiastic about the initial sessions. New users should stick to around five milligrams of THC to start with. They must also be careful about repeat dosing, specifically with the edibles. It is equally crucial to mention THC content in your edible menu. Your guests must have a clear idea about the content to consume the items without getting too high. 

Ditch alcohol and driving 

When you have a gang of friends enjoying a cannabis party, some rules are essential to safety. The first thing to ditch is alcohol because it does not make a great combination with cannabis. You will not want to deal with people getting too high with this party blend. Also, make sure that your guests do not drive home in a high state. You can have a sober person taking the duty of driving everyone back home. Alternatively, you can arrange a sleepover and let everyone stay at your place until the next morning. 

Hosting a cannabis party requires good planning to ensure everyone has a good time without getting too high. You must follow the rules as a guest as well. The idea is to enjoy while taking the right dose and following the etiquette. Just take a little care, and you are good to go as a host or a guest!

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