Does Your Dresser Fit Your Space?

Dresser Fit Your Space
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When you’re in the market for a dresser, it’s important to keep a few key elements in mind. Specifically, a dresser can easily become an obstruction, physically and aesthetically. Planning ahead helps ensure you choose a dresser that works with your physical space and enhances the atmosphere and cohesion of a room. Specifically, this means considering the physical dimensions, arrangement, design, and expense of a dresser, and whether each of these components matches your lifestyle.

Measure twice, then measure again. Keep in mind that your dresser will occupy more than floor space. Make sure you are also measuring vertically and considering the depth of your dresser with the drawers fully extended. Nothing makes a room feel more cramped than dresser drawers knocking into the bedframe or being unable to fully extend with you standing in front of them.

Fit is about more than physical space. Your dresser should not only match your existing décor and furnishings, instead, but it should also enhance them. Consider whether you can use the knobs or mirror accessories of a dresser to call out specific elements in your other furniture. 

It’s also important to maintain a consistent style throughout a room. If your bedside tables are craftsman style, you will want to maintain that style in your chosen dresser. A low dresser with a matching mirror is also a fantastic strategy for lightening any dark room. Apartment bedrooms, in particular, have a tendency to be dark and feel closed-in. Bringing more light into your space can help open up the entire room and highlight the design elements you worked so hard to put together.

Your dresser should fit your wallet, too. While you want to maintain quality, a dresser shouldn’t break the bank. affordable bedroom dressers shouldn’t be outside anyone’s budget. Online retailers offer thousands of style, color, and size options to match any budget.

Don’t discount your lifestyle. You live in your home and your furniture should support the unique elements of your lifestyle. Specifically, your dresser should serve a purpose that makes your life easier and improves your enjoyment of your living space. For a bedroom dresser, this likely means a drawer arrangement that supports your clothing organization preferences. If your dresser is serving as additional storage, for bedding or seasonal items, for example, it should be accessible when necessary but unobtrusive when not needed. 

A bedroom dresser can provide an invaluable organization that saves you time and effort every day. Drawers offer the ability to keep your clothes visible and organized by type, so they are easy to find. You may even decide to pair sets of clothes together in a drawer to save the trouble of deciding if something matches or not at an early hour of the morning before your brain is fully awake.

Overall, identifying a dresser that fits your space involves thinking about the specific demands on your time and space. A dresser should make your life easier and, if you keep these elements in mind when looking for the perfect dresser, it absolutely will.

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