Meet The Cast of The New BET+ Series ‘All The Queen’s Men’

BET+’s new series, All The Queen’s Men has everyone talking as it looks into the world of male exotic dancing.  Based on a novel from actor and author Christian Keyes, the series stars model and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Eva Marcille as the Madam, Marilyn DeVille, and Queen of this kingdom.  We all know Eva and many of you probably know Christian Keyes who starred in ‘Saints & Sinners‘ among other shows. We wanted to introduce you to the other members of the cast of All The Queen’s Men.

All The Queen’s Men premiered on September 9th.  It is a Tyler Perry Studios production.

Meet The Cast of All The Queen’s Men

Skyh Alvester Black


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A dancer with a hidden past who has found difficulty getting hired after being released from prison, so he goes to work as a bouncer/doorman in Madam’s club, Eden.

He has appeared on BET’s ‘Sistas‘ as Jacobi.  He is also romantically involved with ‘Sistas‘ star, KJ Smith.  A dancer and model as well, he performed with Beyoncé.

Candace Maxwell


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The resident DJ at Club Eden. She is ambitious and looks to Madam as a mentor.

Racquel Palmer


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Madam’s chief of security. Blue is frequently seen at Madam’s side when things get a little dicey.

Raquel is the actress that paid for a billboard in 2019 to get Tyler Perry’s attention.  The billboard helped her secure an audition and now 2 years later she has a leading role.

Michael ‘Bolo’ Bolwaire 

One of the male strippers at Club Eden. Doc gets along well with his fellow dancers and a little too well with one of Eden’s patrons.

Keith ‘Fatal Attraction’ Swift


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Although he doesn’t look a day over 40, he’s the oldest dancer of the group. He’s questioning the number of days he has left at the club and his many client entanglements cause him plenty of drama.

Dion Rome


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One of the dancers at Madam’s Club Eden who is a bit flirtatious with Madam. He loves who he loves and is quite the techy.

Jeremy ‘Masterpiece’ Williams


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A confident and tough male stripper who sparks a different vibe in Madam than the other strippers. She enjoys him though it’s hard to say how personal their relationship is.

Christian Keyes 


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Calm, yet intense hitman. A member of the Damascus family, hired to blackmail the Madam.

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