DaBaby & DaniLeigh Get Into It On Live, He Calls Cops On Her

DaBaby and DaniLeigh argue on Live - DaBaby calls cops on DaniLeigh

While most of us were getting in bed or sleeping, DaBaby and DaniLeigh were airing it out with each other on Instagram Live and in their stories on Sunday night, November 14.   We’ll try to recap it all here, but before we do, we must say, it’s really sad to see it play out like this on the internets.  DaniLeigh and DaBaby argue on live, DaBaby calls the cops on DaniLeigh, and then both release “statements”.

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The night started out pretty cool on both of their IG stories.  Looks like DaBaby was at the Golden State Warriors vs Charlotte Hornets basketball game and DaniLeigh looked to be in the house, taking it easy. But not long after the game it seems it all took a turn for the worse. In a series of lives, DaniLeigh and DaBaby argue on live, with DaniLeigh holding their 3 month old baby as it’s happening.  Then not too long later, it appears that DaBaby calls the cops on DaniLeigh, because police have arrived at their apartment.

Here goes those videos.  First the two can be seen arguing, then you see the cops at the door, with DaniLeigh not all too happy about it.

Then a short time later, DaniLeigh takes to IG live to tell her side of the story, somewhat.  She explains that she loves him, but that she needs better. She’s seen crying throughout the video, understanding how toxic the whole situation must seem to fans and viewers.


Then DaBaby released his statement via IG:

DaBaby calls cops on DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh wasn’t too far behind with her own:

DaniLeigh and DaBaby argue on Live

and not much longer after…

DaBaby and DaniLeigh argue on Live

Recap:  DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been living together for the last 3 months, since their baby arrived.  They have been trying to make their relationship work, but for whatever reason tonight the toxic behavior was back.  Why DaBaby called the cops on DaniLeigh? That’s not exactly clear. Especially with the 3 month old in the apartment, but maybe more news will come out later.

Update (Monday November 14th am):  

The drama between DaBaby and DaniLeigh continued into the morning. DaBaby was back on live to start the day. He calls DaniLeigh a stalker, who never was his girl; a side bitch.  There’s a lot more in the embarrassing video…

DaniLeigh provides receipts, shares why she wasn’t a Side Bitch, while giving us a timeline of their relationship

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