Summer Walker Tattoos Boyfriend’s Name on Her Face—Twitter Reacts

Summer Walker Tattoos Boyfriend's Name - Summer Walker Face Tattoo
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If “better, never bitter” was a person, it would certainly be Summer Walker.

Following the chart-topping release of her viral sophomore album, Still Over It, where she detailed the many hardships and heartbreaks from her previous relationship with superproducer London on da Track, the Atlanta songbird has proved that she may be over a lot of things, but love isn’t one of them.

Rightly so, Walker hasn’t held back on showing the world the new holder of her heart, which happens to be a fellow artist by the name of LVRD Pharoh.

Judging by Pharoh’s social media accounts, he seems to keep a pretty low profile, as not much personal information is available about him–other than his music and a few photos, of course.

However, although it appears that he likes riding under the radar in other aspects of his life, when it comes to the bond he shares with Walker, Pharoh isn’t afraid to let the people of the innanets know that he’s staking his claim.

In fact, the two both made that perfectly clear after making a visit to the ink shop, getting personalized tattoos, and posting it to each of their Instagram pages.

Summer Walker

Subsequent to Walker’s post, she expressed the importance of healing and moving on, and she even stated that she’s actually the “happiest she’s ever been in her whole life.”

Summer WalkerSummer Walker

There’s nothing like #BlackLove, and we couldn’t help but STAN!

Twitter? Not so much.

Here’s what some of the tweeps had to say about Summer Walker and her beau’s fresh face art.

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