The Best Tarot Cards for Good Luck

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As all good tarot card readers know, every card has a unique meaning. Some warn of impending strife, some represent creative success and others foretell good fortune. When looking over a spread, keep an eye out for these 10 best tarot cards for good luck.

Best Tarot Cards for Good Luck

#1 Ace of Pentacles

Pentacles are one of the Minor Arcana suits. Also called “coins,” pentacle cards represent finances and material wealth. The Ace of Pentacles symbolizes opportunity, abundance and the manifestation of dreams. These elements can come to fruition in a variety of ways:

  • Getting a promotion
  • Finding a new job opportunity
  • Starting your own business

#2 Ace of Cups

Cups, also called chalices, are another Minor Arcana suit. Cup cards are deeply tied to the subconscious and emotions. The Ace of Cups depicts an overflowing cup, a sign that your spiritual cup runneth over with intuition and insight.

#3 The Sun

According to destiny psychics, The Sun is one of the best cards you can get, especially if you draw it for the “outcome” portion of a reading. The Sun shines down on a garden bursting with flowers. A child rides a white horse, laughing and enjoying the beautiful day. This card symbolizes youthfulness and plenty.

#4 The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth Major Arcana card and represents a change in fortune. When it’s upright, you can expect good luck and beneficial circumstances ahead.

#5 The Empress

The third of the Major Arcana cards, The Empress, depicts a regal queen upon a throne. Associated with maternal energy and chaotic magic, The Empress is a symbol of motherhood, but also the following:

  • Creation
  • Business
  • Romance
  • Prosperity

#6 The King of Pentacles

A king sits upon a throne, surrounded by abundance and holding a pentacle in his hand. The King of Pentacles represents financial security, discipline and leadership. Those who draw this card can count on prosperity built by their own efforts.

#7 The Lovers

The Lovers depicts two people, often embracing. A third figure may bless their union. This card represents romantic relationships and may signify a new partner in your future.

#8 Three of Cups

The Three of Cups shows three filled goblets, each carried by a young, dancing woman. These three are celebrating, supporting each other and taking joy in each other’s accomplishments. When you draw this card, friendship and good times are in your future.

#9 Six of Wands

Wands are another Minor Arcana suit. They represent creativity and mental abilities. The Six of Wands represent victory and public acknowledgment, so when it shows up in a reading, you can expect successful projects in the future.

#10 Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups is one of the best cards you can pull for a reading. In the illustration, ten golden cups form an arch over fruitful land, with home and family prominently featured. This car represents harmony, bliss and blessings. It’s essentially the “happily ever after” card.

How can you find the best mediums to read the tarot? Plenty of psychics market their skills online and even offer phone or virtual readings. You can get spiritual guidance without leaving your home.

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