Understanding The Dry Eyes Syndrome & The Best Ways To Cure It

Dry Eyes Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common issue these days, yet it may take some time for you to recognize this condition. When you feel irritation, burning, redness, urge to rub eyes, chances are you have dry eyes. What is dry eyes syndrome? In simple words, when the surface of your eyes feels dry due to lack of lubrication and moisture, the condition is called dry eyes. It further leads to problems like headache, blur vision, problem in the night driving, headache burning, etc. To know the best cures like heated eye mask to deal with dry eyes, learn about the causes that are causing dry eyes in you. 

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Top reasons that lead to dry eyes

The main reason why you feel dryness in your eyes and may deal with dry eye syndrome is because of the variation in the tear production capacity of the eyes. Tears and other oils keep the surface of the eyes smooth and enable proper functioning. But when the tear production is affected due to any reason, you suffer from dry eyes. Now, let’s study what are the causes that can affect the production of tears. 


Tears are a combination of water, oil, and mucus. Certain medications, however, can affect oil production and lead to chronic dry eye. These medications include antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics that are used to treat hypertension. If you are consuming any kind of medication and then seeing eye dryness symptoms, you should talk to your doctor. Ask him/her to give you an alternative medicine or, if possible, lower the dose to reduce your dryness.


Well, another factor that commonly affects tears production and leads to dry eyes is age. 

Younger people can also suffer from dry eyes, but the condition becomes more common as people age. You will usually see people over the age of 50 complaining of this condition. Now, aging is a natural process, and one cannot stop it. So, this type of cause can not be prevented. However, you can make the condition better by using artificial tears. Using them on a regular basis provides extra lubrication to the eyes that keep them coated. 

Screen use

People who use the screen for a long duration can experience eyestrain and headaches. In addition to these problems, staring at a computer or mobile screen often affects the tears in the eyes and leads to dry eyes. The main reason is that people tend to blink less often while working on a computer screen. As a result, the tears evaporate more quickly than they usually do. So, in order to reduce dryness when you cannot avoid the computer screen, make sure that you frequently blink while working and take breaks after every 20 minutes. In addition, you can use a heated eye mask as it calms the irritation and locks the moisture in your eyes. 

Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is good for your eyes. Eggs, carrots, salmon, spinach, broccoli, and peppers are all high in vitamin A. Dry eye and other visual problems, such as night blindness, can result from a diet lacking in this vitamin. A vitamin A deficiency can be detected with a blood test. If you are experiencing dry eyes, go for a test that can rectify the cause, and if it turns out to be Vitamin A deficiency, you can take the necessary action. You might also ask your doctor about using vitamin A eye drops, though these aren’t frequently prescribed for dry eye.

These are some common causes of dry eyes syndrome. If you can relate to any above-mentioned causes, pick the suitable remedy provided along with each cause. 

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