28 Days of Black Authors: Meet Blake Karrington

Author Blake Karrington

Where crime meets culture. Whenever you pick up a Blake Karrington novel, you’re in for the grittiness and the gore of the everyday voices of the street life that are way too often silenced.

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Because of Karrington’s literary bravery, loads of chart-topping books later, he repeatedly excels at delivering soul-chilling stories that not only speak to the urban settings of the South but regionally enlighten those who have been censored from the rawness of his relatable characters’ realities.

From bad boys to murder mafias, the author’s compelling method of narration has fixated thousands of readers on his work… time and time again.

No stranger to the danger, with each and every project, Blake Karrington takes his supporters on an adventurous journey of the tumultuous inner-city life.

It’s safe to say, they are riding until the wheels fall off. But… with a sharp talent like his, we don’t think that’ll ever happen.

Take a look at some of our favorite Blake Karrington books below!


Author Blake Karrington Faith and Trust novel


Faith often feels that her man has way too much money for the small legal endeavors that he tells her about, but she chooses to believe in him. That is until the feds kick in her door one day. She doesn’t know if she has it in her to be a ride or die but putting her belief in Trust may give her an everlasting love or cause her to lose what she loves most.

Trust is a natural-born hustler. When it comes to getting money he’s strategic and thorough. He likes his money fast and plentiful. For obvious reasons, he has to keep that between himself, and his partners. But living a double life isn’t easy, his main objectives are to stay free and to protect his future wife Faith. When Trust has the chance at the biggest score of his life, he doesn’t hesitate, to risk it all.

This couple seems to have everything right at their fingertips but losing faith & trust in one another may just be the cause of their ultimate downfall.


Author Blake Karrington The King of The South book cover


Come follow Blake Karrington as he once again takes you on a ride through the gritty dirt road streets of the south.

In this suspenseful southern tale we are introduced to King a southern-born and breed hustler, who is determined to take the drug empire handed to him by his father into the legitimate world of the music industry. Little does he know that when the streets birth you, trying to leave can be deadly.

Then enters into his life the beautiful classy Queen that every King needs. Sloan is a beautiful, college-educated, hard-working neo-soul singer. Who has always tried to do the right thing, but when something from her past comes back to haunt her. Will it destroy the love she and King are now building? Hang on, while Blake Karrington shows you what has made him the King of southern street tales.



Blake Karrington Country Girls book cover


“Thank God I’m A Country Girl”

When Niya, the head of “MHB” decided to put her family’s future first, nothing and nobody else mattered.Faced with being the person everyone’s looking to for security, Niya knows she has to make something happen quickly!

“MHB”(Money Hungry Bitches) began as a small movement but quickly became an organization.

You were either going to stand with them or be the one standing on the other end of their guns! Any and every hustler, getting money in North Carolina, was now a target.

However, Love and Money always have a hard time mixing and it’s no different for Niya and her crew!

Take a walk with me and see how southern hospitality can become deadly for anyone who doesn’t understand how Country Girls roll!

Author Blake Karrington Drunk on a Thug's Love book cover

Skyy Pearson is tired of being controlled and hurt by those she loves. After losing her mother to a drug overdose and living on the streets, Skyy finds solace in Malachi, the man who took her in and made her his girl. But being the girlfriend of such a pretentious, controlling, and lying man can quickly take its toll. At 23 years old, Skyy has finally had enough of the drama and is ready to do things for herself. Sometimes starting over isn’t easy but when she meets Remy, she realizes that starting over can mean so much more.

Remy Deveaux isn’t thinking about love. When his fiancé and child died, so did his heart. All that’s out there for him is money and hoes. He’s got a good thing going and has plenty of women lining up to do whatever he wants but Skyy proves to be the exception to that.

What starts off as a little freaky fun turns into something that neither one expects. But of course, when something good comes along, a lot of bad tends to follow. Will Skyy and Remy’s relationship be strong enough to survive their issues or would it be best for both of them to just let go?

Author Blake Karrington God Forgives The Streets Don't Book Cover

“A Street Love Story”

Tired of not being able to provide, the lifestyle he believes his family deserves, Sanchez (Chez) Viles pieces together a crew of hungry hustlers and wages war against all who have set up shop in his city.

With the love of his life Monya by his side, it isn’t long before the streets bow to his will.

On the other side of the city, as Chez’s legend flourishes his longtime enemy Mann’s hatred grows to explosive proportions.

Mann contacts his cousins in New York and enlists their help in his scheme to avenge his homie’s death and steal Chez’s shine and newfound riches in the process.

When Supreme and his brothers arrive, the already deadly streets get even hotter. Not even Mann is prepared for the storm that he has begun, and when it is all over Chez’s whole world will be turned upside down.

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