India.Arie Is The Latest Artist To Pull Their Music From Spotify

India Arie pulls music from Spotify

Spotify has a Joe Rogan problem.  When they decided to make exclusive podcasts a big part of their brand, they signed up podcasters with large audiences and shock jocks who would stir the controversy.  That included signing Joe Rogan and his Joe Rogan Experience podcast for reportedly $100 million.  Now, after Neil Young asked for his music to be removed because of spreading misinformation, specifically on that Joe Rogan podcast,  India.Arie pulls music from Spotify, becoming just the latest artist to join the #DeleteSpotify movement.

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Neil Young demanded that Spotfiy remove his music or drop Joe Rogan. They made the choice to keep Rogan and removed Young’s music.  Young took an impressive stand against the company considering that 60% of his streams come from Spotify.  Additionally Spotify is still the number one streaming service ahead of Apple Music and the smaller Tidal.

Since then, several artists joined Young in removing their music and #DeleteSpotify has been trending for a number of days.  The news that India.Arie pulls music from Spotify is just confirmation that this Spotify problem isn’t a one week thing.  They company lost at least $2 Billion in company value in the days after their Young decision and the stock has plummeted.

India.Arie stands in solidarity with Neil Young, but she also has pointed out another issue with the Joe Rogan Experience: his language around race.  Arie has 1.3 monthly listeners on the streaming service so the move comes with great sacrifice.

India.Arie released a statement explaining her decision:

“I have decided to pull my music and podcast from Spotify. Neil Young opened a door that I must walk through. I believe in freedom of speech. However, I find Joe Rogan problematic for reasons other than his Covid interviews. For me, it’s also his language around race,” Arie detailed.

Continuing, “What I am talking about is respect – who gets it and who doesn’t. Paying musicians a fraction of a penny? And him $100M? This shows the type of company they are and the company that they keep. I’m tired.”

India.Arie joined the #DeleteSpotify conversation over the weekend as well with several tweets about her disgust with the music industry.

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