Rising Star Chantel Nicole Continues Buzzing with Latest Single “Here I Am”

Meet Chantel Nicole, a rising star buzzing on social media. Nicole’s electrifying single “Here I Am” is everything but boring, inspired by one of the most popular animes, “Sailor Moon.” If you check out her video, the multi-talented Nicole sings, and dances. She is also a songwriter. You will notice several different astounding looks throughout her music video, all done in multiple locations, as she keeps her viewers wanting more.

“I want listeners, I want viewers to look at this and be like, ‘Oh, she did that. Oh, I can do something. I can do whatever it is that I want to do. I can do that as well. Like here I am, and here I am to stay,’” Chantel shared her thoughts in a recent interview with EnviMedia.

Chantel’s dynamic of R&B/Pop style is untouchable. While her fame continues to grow, so does her TikTok. Chantel’s following has been soaring with her various content, which includes “Here I Am” teasers for music lovers all around.

Growing up in New York, a star was already born. She was an innovative individual who was on her way to success as she became a background dancer and a crafted choreographer, while also appearing on well-known Youtube channels, magazines, and K-Pop outlets.

Influencer Chantel Nicole This upcoming artist is turning heads left and right as she seems to have found her voice, style, and growing her fanbase. I think we can all agree she might be here to stay for the long run.

Still curious about Chantel Nicole? Here are 3 Fun Facts that you may like to know the artist:

  1. Chantel loves the anime “Sailor Moon” and considers herself a moon princess as well, while believing the show is a bit of a reflection of her life.
  2. Chantel is into cosplay and sports characters from different shows such as Meg from Hercules, and even all FOUR of the Teletubbies.

  3. Chantel shows she is more than typical black women stereotypes, as her style of music is a mixture of R&B and pop, while she is making moves in the K-pop music scene.

What do you think about Chantel Nicole’s high-spirited music video “Here I Am”?

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