Fans React to Summer Walker’s Supermarket Fit

Summer Walker White Dress

Fans aren’t feeling Summer Walker’s supermarket fit at all! Walker posted a photo of them wearing a long white dress with open-toe shoes to the grocery store. The Summer Walker white dress look gave the internet a lot to be desired. 

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Twitter has been having a field day with Summer’s attire with people comparing them to Harriet Tubman, Whoopi Goldberg and… well, see for yourself: 

Walker’s choice of clothing doesn’t surprise me because they posted about how they missed having an altar in 2019, which is traditionally associated with African Traditional Religions (ATR) such as Santeria, Hoodoo, and Vudun, according to writer Da’Shaun Harrison. Lilith Dorsey also mentioned that people who practice ATR tend to wear white for many reasons including symbolically giving respect to the deity, Obatala, as well as understanding the importance of cleanliness and humility. 

Fans and ATR practitioners have been showing solidarity for Summer Walker by posting themselves in white.

Now whether Walker wore that ensemble for spiritual reasons, to get buzz going about their new single with Lil Durk, or just ‘cause they felt like it, it’s got people talkin’ which is what matters most I guess…


We have changed Summer Walker’s pronouns from “she/her” to “they/them” due to the distinction in her Instagram bio. For more information about pronoun usage, check out this article about gender-neutral language.

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