Fight Breaks Out at Summer Walker Concert – Fans React

Fight at Summer Walker Concert

A fight broke out at Summer Walker’s Concert in Houston on Sunday, March 20th. Now, I know that Summer Walker’s latest album, Still Over It, had people in their feelings. Fans shared and reacted to the news that a fight breaks out at Summer Walker concert all over social media.

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Summer Walker revealed their ex-boyfriend, London On Da Track, not only cheated on them but left them alone during their pregnancy – and that was just the first track off the album. However, breaking out into a fight at their concert might be a little extreme.

There hasn’t been any talk about who the people were or why they were fighting but it’s a few people scrappin’ in a circle during general admission before Summer Walker came out to perform.

Fans reacted to the news that a fight breaks out at Summer Walker concert:





While fans were watching people knock if they buck, Summer Walker was watching their eggs cook backstage. They posted on a video on Instagram of themselves wearing a white dress with a white head wrap as they cooked eggs on a hot plate. Walker looked at the camera and jokingly said, “I’m doing $10 plates in the back…” Someone knocked on the door and came in giving their order. Summer’s response was priceless.

Another video circulating from the Summer Walker concert is the twerk off on stage when Erica Banks performed. Erica Banks’s song, “Buss It,” is a fan favorite, so of course, the video has been making rounds on Twitter.

I’m glad Summer Walker seems to be in good spirits and I hope whoever was fighting at the concert is okay.

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