Ten Male Singers of TikTok You Should Watch Out For

Singers of TikTok
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Whether you’re scrolling for this evening’s dinner recipe or searching for the latest workout to incorporate into your daily routine, TikTok has dominated the social-media-platform sphere in more ways than one. However, as of recent, the Singers of TikTok hashtag on the app has been flooded with rising vocalists who are seemingly on their way to stardom.

From the baritones to the sopranos, not only the women but men, from all over the globe, are reaching the masses with their undeniable talent–challenge after challenge, one video at a time.

This week, we’ve decided to shine a light on ten male singers of TikTok you should look out for.

See them below, and let us know your favorites!




@tobyrandall3 thought the baritone effect sounded cool on this #euphoria ♬ original sound – toby randall




@theebube Chicago Freestyle – @giveon Drake #drake #giveon #noguidnce #chicagofreestlye ♬ original sound – Ebubé




@yachtithegreat Her Heart ?? #fyp #singersoftiktok #herheart #anthonyhamilton #coversong#voiceeffects ♬ original sound – yachtithegreat




@christian_shelton As the World Caves In – Matt Maltese ?‍⬛ please don’t let this flop ? #HotwireHotelGoals #mattmaltese #astheworldcavesin #singer #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Christian Shelton




@nick_t_daly #sayso #singing #pjmorton #jojo #duet? ♬ original sound – Nick Daly




@kxng_zay1 Caught a Vibe ❤️ @willow #repost #fyp #foryou #singing #triple4xamo #444xamo #xavieroverton ♬ original sound – Xavier Overton




@myreek_ @labrinth “ I’m Tired “ #fyp #euphoria #singing ♬ original sound – M Y R E E K




@jarvisredd ?Here is my rendition of the Legend Freddie Jackson’s Hit Song “You are my lady”. Vibe with me this weekend???! #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #remix ♬ original sound – Jarvis Redd




@whoizdeejayyoung congrats to @beyonce on her 1st @oscars nom from @theacademy ✊?? #bhm #beyonce #history #oscars #malesingers #singersoftiktok #fyp #vocals #queenbey ♬ original sound – Deejay Young




@jaylonashaun This trend but make it RnB ? #fyp #trending #viral #singing ♬ original sound – Andres

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