Tyga and Rob Kardashian Clap Back At Blac Chyna Claim That She Struggles Without Child Support

Earlier today, Blac began trending for a post, where she said she wasn’t getting child support from her famous baby father’s Robert Kardashian and Tyga.  Well it didn’t take long for a Rob Kardashian and Tyga clap back at Blac Chyna. The Tyga clap back outshined the Blac Chyna claims, pretty quickly.

The drama began on the social media space when Blac Chyna tweeted a piece of her troubled thoughts. In her tweet, she said-

Before social media could digest the provoking tweet, she spilled more about her supposed reality.

Both tweets seems like an effort to call out the fathers of her kids. Nevertheless, the social media users are not buying her story. One of the social media users said;

All hell broke loose under the shaderoom post when Tyga did not mind spilling the truth about the reality there. Here was his defense;


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Rob Kardashian was not silent either.


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Blac Chyna has not given any direct reply since both fathers clap back. Nonetheless, some social media users feel she is right to demand child support, while some still firmly disagree.(below)

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