Druski Shares A Cringeworthy Video That Has Men & Women Sounding Off On His Actions

Druski Cringeworthy Video

Comedian, influencer, podcaster, Druski knows you never want to become the story everyone is analyzing.  The comedian shared a video of a new skit on social media of him with his bro seemingly inviting two women into their apartment for a night of games and drinks.  But the video took a turn for the creeps very quickly.  The cringeworthy Druski video soon found him trying to get one lady in particularly extremely wasted, while he is seen plotting on what will happen at the end of the night.

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Not funny.  And surely not something that an influencer would want to be tied to.

We didn’t see the original caption, but even a great quote couldn’t really save this.

The cringeworthy Druski video was deleted, but not before it was shared on social media by several users.

Here’s a look at the Druski video

And Black Twitter was on his ass quickly for not knowing any better.

But there were also those that defended him. Because it’s the internet.

Did Druski go too far because he was too real or was the video just a complete misstep???

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