Fun Activities for When You’re Listening to New Rap Releases

Activities for When You’re Listening

It seems that all genres of music have a range of different artists at their disposal, releasing new music on a regular basis. It truly is exciting to be a part of, as every week, there is someone new on the scene doing something that pushes genres to a new limit. This is the case in rap more than any other genre. You have experimental acts such as Clipping, who push the boundaries of what noises can be used to make a beat, artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, who is going more abstract in his production, and legends like Kendrick Lamar, who consistently delivers mind-bending and politically conscious lyrics with every song he’s on. Of course, while listening to this music is fun, it can also be time-consuming. As such, if you want to do other activities while checking out new tunes then you should be sure to consider the below. 

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There are a lot of genres of music that are good to work out to, but arguably one of the best is rap music. Rap music, thanks to its aggressive beats and up-tempo delivery of lyrics mean, is a great genre for you to listen to when you want to get energized. If you are on a treadmill and listening to an atmospheric song such as Meek Mill’s Lord Knows, you are going to think your life is a movie and you’re part way through a training montage. If you struggle to motivate yourself at the gym then certainly, rap is one of the best genres for you. 



If you are playing a game that requires concentration, then rap music is a good way to get you in the zone. If you find yourself around a virtual poker table on a site such as, then a little bit of Run the Jewels or Wu-Tang Clan in the background will certainly help you when it comes to setting an atmosphere and deciding on your next move. The same applies to lots of other games, especially if they are quite intense, such as some of the shooters that are available. You should have a look at different streaming sites, a lot of which have playlists that have been created specifically with the intention of being able to game to them. 



A lot of the time, you really don’t understand the skill of rappers until you are reading their lyrics along with their delivery. It can be hard to do this due to the pace that a lot of raps take place at, but when you are actually seeing the skill that some people have lyrically, you get a whole new level of appreciation for the art form. 

Consider the countdown on Kendrick Lamar’s verse for Beyonce’s Freedom. Unless you read along with the verse yourself, you may not realize he is counting down the entire time. Firstly in literal numbers, “10 hail Mary’s I meditate for practice, channel 9 news tell me I’m moving backwards,” and then eventually with the syllables in bars, “cry for me, ride for me, try for me, live for me.” 

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