How to Benefit from No Wagering Casino Bonuses: An Exclusive Guide – 2022

No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Every casino offers bonuses as incentives to their players, and these bonuses come with terms and conditions attached. One condition that has been a constant source of frustration for players is the wagering requirement. It is only now that some casinos are attempting to address this issue; by offering bonuses with no wagering requirements. 

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The no wagering bonus is relatively new, and you find it mostly tagged to bonuses with zero or no wagering requirements. Let’s take a look briefly at what wagering requirements are and how they work, and then discuss about the new and hugely popular no wagering casino bonuses!

What is a Wagering Bonus?

The wagering requirement is an important condition associated with a bonus at an online casino. It requires you to wager your bonus, or the winnings from it, a given number of times – that is why it is expressed as a multiplier – in order for you to be able to redeem your winnings.

There are primarily 3 types of wagering requirements: 

  • Wagering requirement on your deposit amount
  • Wagering requirement on your deposit and bonus amount
  • Wagering requirement on the winnings from a free spins bonus 

Wagering requirements are often the bane of every casino player’s existence, because let’s be honest, they kind of put a damper on the fun experience of online gambling. And, if you’ve ever tried claiming a no deposit bonus that has wagering requirements attached to it, you’ll probably agree that they can be pretty difficult to fulfill!

Advantages and Downsides of Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements come with their own positives and negatives. Let us look at the positives first: 

  • They ensure that a casino doesn’t sink under the weight of the bonuses it offers its players. 
  • They give players an exact idea of what the bonus offers, by giving them a peek beyond the fancy numbers that you see highlighted in the promotion! 

There are downsides as well: because it is a multiplier, players end up wagering more than what they were looking to cash out. And this has been one of the biggest headaches for players over the years when it comes to the wagering requirements. 

Imagine winning $100 with a $100 no-deposit bonus that has a 60x wagering requirement on the bonus, and having to wager a total of $6000 ($100 bonus X 60) just to be able to redeem winnings from it! 

The casino industry has begun to address this issue in recent times, and its response has been to offer the no-wagering or wager-free bonus.

All about the No-Wager Bonus and How It Works

The no-wager bonus comes with zero wagering requirements! You use the bonus and withdraw the winnings you earn from it immediately afterwards – as simple as that! You don’t have to spend money fulfilling wagering requirements, or wait long hours before you can withdraw your winnings. No wonder players love this bonus so much! 

At most casinos, the wager-free bonuses are available on deposit of funds only; you don’t get them with no-deposit bonuses usually. This is simply because the no-deposit bonus offer already has freebies attached to it. 

You could get a deposit bonus of 35% – with no upper limit on bonus amount and zero wagering requirements, or you could get a deposit bonus of 100 free spins on Rainbow GoldTM from Pragmatic Play with zero wagering requirements. And if it is a welcome bonus it could be a mix of both – deposit bonus and also a free spins bonus, both with zero wagering requirements.

Why Would a Casino Offer the No-Wager Bonus?

This is the first question that comes to mind – why would a casino offer a no-wager bonus?  The reason is not too hard to fathom – it is a fantastic marketing strategy and a win-win for both the casino and the player!

The casino is guaranteed an expanded player base as more players sign up to use this fantastic bonus offer; news of an offer of this kind spreads quickly. Players get to withdraw their funds instantly, as soon as they have used up the bonus. 

How to Benefit from a No-Wager Bonus

There are different ways that you can benefit from a no-wager free bonus. The biggest benefit that this bonus offers is that you save on time. You don’t have to wait around to cash out your winnings. 

And because these bonuses are usually available on deposit, the amount – if it is a bonus credits offer – or the number of free spins is not meager. 


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