Justine Skye Calls Giveon’s Upcoming New Single A Weak ASS SONG

Giveon's Coming Song

Drama unfolds as former lovebirds seem to shade each other with their upcoming new song titles. Justine Skye in her comment to a Twitter user’s post that placed her song cover and Giveon’s side by side had plenty to say about the upcoming Giveon’s song. She called the song titled “Lie Again” a weak ass song.

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“I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway, it’s not what yall think it’ll be,” Justine, whose upcoming song title is “What a Lie” commented.

The singer had announced her coming song a few days back titled “What a Lie” after which her former boyfriend announced that his coming song “Lie Again” would be released a week after hers.

The former couple dated for about 14 months before they broke up in 2021. According to Justine Skye in an Instagram live, it was unexpected. “The reason why I could hold my composure a little bit was because I was just like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is who he is’. Like that’s insane,” she said. She as well spoke about how he never apologized but was more worried about his reputation.

“Finally when I hear from him one of the first things he said was, “are you trying to ruin me? You told everyone?” she said. She also spoke about how “people like that don’t last,” referring to Giveon.

Although Giveon’s new song “Lie Again” will be released after Skye’s, he has yet to reply to her comments.  Fans however, have plenty to say about the Justine Skye weak ass song comments.

“Lmao nothing a liar and a cheat hates more than for their victim to start telling people about what they did and the harm they caused. Because what reason does GIVEON have to be upset here” one commented.

“What a moment for R&B,” another said.

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