Kehlani Celebrates Rapper Kaalan Walker’s Guilty Verdict For Serial Rape

Kaalan Walker's guilty verdict
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In recent news, rapper and superfly actor Kaalan Walker has been convicted of serial rape and Kehlani in a video calls out blogs that remained neutral with their platform and or defended Kaalan Walker.

“I did not forget who tore down victims of sexual assault when this came out, I did not forget what bloggers and what blogs and what platforms felt like they hard to play neutral and give a rapist a platform for the sake of clicks and views when this came out.” She started.
“…this man is going to jail for the rest of his life, guilty as h3ll and it’s crazy that it took this for yall to believe it…”

Kaalan Walker’s guilty verdict did not come as a surprise to her as she has been speaking on the case for a long time now, especially on behalf of the women he r*ped.

She went ahead on her Instagram story to repost a video from @sydneyxstanford who was r*ped by Kaalan Walker. The short clip was posted on @Glock_Topickz Twitter account.

“YESSSSSSS IT’S A CELEBRATION! WE WON” a very excited Twitter user stated and comments have been flowing since the news broke out.

“I remember Kaalan Walker gaslighting Kehlani so badly. What an idiot.” another said.

“Kaalan Walker going to jail. You guys called me a clout chaser, a liar and beyond, and more importantly invalidated so many women’s stories…calling them liars and clout chasers.” she started in the video.

“All those stupid as3 blogs who ripped these women apart who used my involvement as an ally and your disliking of me to spew hot sht towards victims of rpe. Go look at urself in the mirror. You bloggers know who the f*ck I’m talking to!!!! Justice!!!!!!” was the caption to the video on Kehlani’s Instagram story.

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