Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Martell Holt & Arionne Curry Boo’d Up on IG

Love & Marriage: Huntsville‘s Martell Holt and the mother of his latest son, Arionne Curry, were cozied up on the ‘gram yesterday. Of course, the internet skreets had a lot to say about seeing Martell Holt and Arionne Curry together.

If you didn’t know, Holt, who was previously married to his co-star Melody Shari, carried on an affair with Curry for many years, and it ultimately led to the ending of his and his ex-wife’s twelve-year marriage.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Curry became pregnant with Holt’s child, which we’ve saw depicted on the show.

However, although things got extremely messy, it seems to us that Curry is still sticking beside Holt, and she made that perfectly clear on her Instagram page.

“Y’all know what the f*ck going on,” Curry wrote in her story, resharing screenshots that The Shade Room caught of the pair on live together.

Additionally, Curry also stated that she and Holt have an understanding, and he has never left her side. Take a look below.

The hoopla surrounding the couple’s public admiration stemmed from Arionne Curry keeping a low profile in the past.

But, obviously, that’s no longer.

The newest season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville aired a few weeks ago, so we can only imagine the controversy that this will spark.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

**Main image credits to The Shade Room

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