Shots Fired At DaBaby’s $2.3M North Carolina Mansion – Trespasser Injured

DaBaby mansion

Shooting at DaBaby’s $2.3M mansion in North Carolina caused injury to the trespasser. The fact that people are still trying to invade DaBaby’s mansion after all the other incidences he’s been in the news for is baffling.

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The shooting at DaBaby’s mansion happened at 7:45 pm on Wednesday, April 13th near the football field on his property, which left the trespasser suffering from non-fatal gunshot wounds to the lower extremity. The lower extremity is considered the hip, knee, ankle joints, and the bones of the thigh, leg, and foot, according to Verywell Health.

When the Troutman Police arrived at DaBaby’s mansion, they saw the trespasser in question and called for them to be sent to a medical facility to treat their gunshot wounds. It is unclear if DaBaby was the one who pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the investigation, the Troutman Police Department cannot release any names or additional information.

Social media, of course, had to come through with the memes, especially about DaBaby and his public relations team because he is in the news for drama at least once a month.




This isn’t the first time the cops were called to DaBaby’s mansion. DaBaby called the cops on DaniLeigh in fear for his safety after a domestic dispute. There have also been over 30 calls to the police for various reasons, including burglar alarms going off, noise complaints, and at least two domestic arguments, according to ABC News Radio.

DaBaby’s mansion has 5-bedrooms, 8.5-bathrooms, a full-sized basketball court, chef’s kitchen, a state-of-the-art theater room, a custom-designed wine cellar, a large pool and a football field. The property is 11,200-square-feet and the home spans 8.94 acres. Check out the YouTube video below for more info on DaBaby’s mansion.

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