I Object! Twitter Users Share Their Wildest Wedding Objection Stories

Wedding Objection Stories

Speak now or forever hold your peace, they say. Well, clearly, some of these guests had no trouble speaking their minds and letting go of their peace. The people of the social media skreets recently shared their wedding objection stories, and let’s just say, we weren’t quite ready!

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Marriage ceremonies are usually known for love, light, and laughs. However, in this case, while the bride and the groom were busy saying “I do,” these attendees were busy saying “I object.”

A Twitter user by the name of @ItsJewsie sparked the discussion on her account, asking if someone had ever witnessed a holy matrimony interruption, and fellow followers (and even non-followers) weighed in on the interesting subject at hand.


Most of us have probably only seen it on our TV screens, but judging by the influx of replies, each and every tweet proved that objecting during one’s “big day” is truly a real-life thing.

It’s one major issue to be left standing at the altar, but to have your nuptials pettily put on pause? Just cancel the whole event!

See what our twisters and twothers had to say about all of this below.

Twitter Users Share Their Wildest Wedding Objection Stories

Do you have any crazy wedding objection stories? Let us know in the comments!

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