Video Of DaBaby Walmart Shooting Surfaced, Contradicting Self Defense Claims

DaBaby Walmart shooting

Video of DaBaby Walmart shooting has surfaced, which contradicts his claims of self-defense. So, of course, DaBaby Is In Da News AGAIN!

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DaBaby’s Walmart shooting has been one of the consistent references he makes in his music, specifically in his songs “Rockstar” and “No Tears.” While he has claimed he was defending his then-girlfriend and his daughter from being harmed, RollingStone posted footage of Dababy’s Walmart shooting that shows he was the aggressor in the situation.


The footage shows DaBaby (aka Jonathan Kirk) throwing the first punch, which escalated into the fatal shooting of 19-year-old, Jaylin Craig. Jaylin Craig’s family obtained the video initially and said the video footage raises some serious questions. The most important question is would he still be alive if DaBaby hadn’t thrown the first punch?



Social media has mixed reviews about DaBaby Walmart shooting footage.






Since the shooting, Craig’s mom, LaWanda Horsley, has suffered from anxiety and PTSD. She will not go to events because she doesn’t have control over the music and she can’t even go past the street Walmart is on without having an anxiety attack. She doesn’t look at DaBaby as a celebrity. She looks at him as Jonathan Kirk – a murderer who took her son’s life.

Rollingstone reported the case was closed in June 2019. DaBaby wasn’t prosecuted for Craig’s death but was charged and convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to 12 months’ probation with a suspended jail sentence.

Craig’s family believes DaBaby got off with little to no consequence and strongly feels the justice system has eluded them. Although fans have overlooked DaBaby’s Walmart shooting, Craig’s family has never allowed themselves to be silenced. They have adopted a street in North Carolina in Craig’s name and continue to push for justice for Craig.

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