Jack Harlow Didn’t Know Brandy and Ray J Were Siblings… What?!

Jack Harlow didn’t know Brandy and Ray J were siblings… apparently, and because of it, Twitter has ripped him to shreds.

The 24-year-old rapper recently paid a visit to HOT 97 and participated in their #WhiteIshWednesday challenge to show off some of his musical knowledge.

However, although the rhymer may be great with lyrics, that’s only if they’re his own. Pun intended.

Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg played Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise” from her 1998 album, Never Say Never, which ironically happened to have been released in Harlow’s birth year.

In an attempt to guess the song, the “First Class” lyricist failed the test, and the hosts had to put him up on game.

“Aaliyah?” Harlow searched for answers, listening to the intro.

The showrunners dropped clues, alluding to her also-famous brother, Ray J, and his controversial sex tape being The Kardashians’ gateway into the industry.

The answer was revealed at the end of the segment, and Mr. Harlow shocked us all when he asked, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?”

Take a look at the clip below.

We still love you, Jack!

Jack Harlow Didn’t Know Brandy and Ray J Were Siblings


Watch the full episode here: 


Following the now-viral clip, of course, #TeamBrandy weighed in on the subject at hand. Let’s what they had to say…

Jack Harlow Didn’t Know Brandy and Ray J Were Siblings; Twitter Reacts



Is Jack Harlow still invited to the cookout? Let us know in the comments!

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