Meet Chef Liz Rogers the Founder of Creamalicious Ice Cream

Meet Chef Liz Rogers the Founder of Creamalicious Ice Cream
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It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out the grill and dust off your grilling skills for Memorial Day weekend. Now after you’ve finished your second or third plate, and have all the plates you need secured in the car, what’s next? Ice cream anyone? Meet Chef Liz Rogers, she has that covered for you with her Creamalicious Ice Cream brand!

Chef Liz Rogers is the Founder, President, and Executive Chef of Creamalicious Ice Creams that launched in October of 2021. Chef Rogers prides herself on being truly innovative with her 2-in-1 desserts that pair fresh baked pastries and homemade ice creams made with only the freshest ingredients. 

As the only Black-owned national ice cream brand in mass production, Chef Liz crafts her blissfully Southern artisan desserts by celebrating her roots and community. The award-winning flavors are inspired by Chef Liz and her own family recipes that have been passed down through four generations in the South. Creamalicious Ice Creams have a special way of engaging people with memories of their favorite childhood desserts, while honoring the rich history of the South.

Creamalicious is minority and woman-owned, and Chef Liz employs a diverse team while making a point to work with minority and female-owned businesses. She is diverse by design and has seen the benefits from the Creamalicious inclusive culture. Walmart recently tried to promote the celebration of Juneteenth with Great Value ice cream flavors geared toward the urban community and failed. Many consumers suggested that Chef Liz Rogers be given the reins since her products are already available in stores like Walmart, Target, Publix and other grocery stores in the South.

A strong pull towards the culinary arts made it clear to Chef Liz that she was to dedicate her life to healing the soul through sharing innovative and time-honored traditional Southern comfort food. Under the watchful eye of her mother and grandmother, Chef Rogers honed her passion for cooking while growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. With Creamalicious Ice Creams now launched nationwide, Chef Liz is looking forward to sharing with us her Southern roots and heavenly authentic fusion of flavor.

Liz Rogers has taken fresh-baked pastries from the South and infused them into super-premium ice cream, creating an indulgent blend of familiar flavors and an extraordinary experience. You can choose from 7 different flavors that each have a unique Southern name and ingredients from your favorite Southern desserts.

Flavors include Aunt Poonie’s Caramel Pound Cake, Slap Yo’ Momma Banana Pudding, Right as Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake, Thick as Thieves Pecan Pie, Porch Light Peach Cobbler, Grandma Gigi’s Sweet Potato Pie, and Uncle Charles’ Brown Sugar Bourbon Cake. These flavors give a little something for everyone in the family. Let us support our sister Chef Liz Rogers and buy out her Creamalicious Ice Cream all over the country! Let us know your favorite flavor in the comments and if the Creamalicious brand has come to your ‘hood.

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