Sukihana “Get Low” Freestyle–Twitter Reacts to Her Twerking on a Child

Sukihana Get Low Freestyle
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Everybody and their mothers are talking about the new Sukihana “Get Low” freestyle, and, so far, they haven’t had a lot of good to say about it.

The controversial rapper and TV personality recently released the minute-and-a-half music video on her YouTube channel, bringing in nearly 100k views.

However, with that also came loads of backlash… due to the highly-vulgar content of not only the lyrics but the visual.

Sukihana “Get Low” Freestyle

Now, for those of you who’ve been following the 27-year-old performer for quite some time, then you know that she’s no stranger to promoting sexual liberation through her artistry.

From the raunchy dance moves to the freaky adlibs, one thing Sukihana is going to do is put on a show–no matter how Rated R it may be.

Butttt… it seems that she definitely crossed the line with this one, and social media isn’t happy about it… at all. Users ripped into the female emcee after noticing that she was twerking on a child in one scene of the Legendary Visions-directed production.

The debates subsequently sparked a discussion about the limits that should be put into place when it comes to an artist’s creative expression.

Here’s some of what Twitter had to say about the Sukihana “Get Low” freestyle…



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