The Real Story Behind Anderson.Paak Resurfaced With Controversy

The real story behind Anderson.Paak resurfaced. A Twitter user named @gothspiderbitch (real name Sarah McGonagall) made a thread (now deleted) detailing the story of a boy whose mom, father and stepfather went to jail long-term for different crimes. The boy’s dad was a drug addict. The boy watched his father choke his mother, who they initially thought was his uncle because they were identical after she returned from work. The mom and stepfather went to jail for defrauding investors out of millions of dollars in the strawberry business. Sarah revealed that the story was a summary of the real story behind Anderson.Paak by the end of the thread.

The thread was a great summary of Anderson.Paak’s life. Unfortunately, she did not create the original source. The real story behind Anderson.Paak was originally published by ESPN’s Dwayne Bray on the UnDefeated, now called Andscape. It’s a four-part series with photos, video interviews and extensive details about Anderson.Paak’s story.

Before the user deleted the thread, Black Twitter promoted the original story like crazy:









Since she didn’t credit Andscape or Dwayne Bray, Sarah apologized for not crediting the original source. April Reign, the originator of #OscarsSoWhite, took it a step further and told her if she was really sorry, she would delete the post. #Byebyethread.


The comments started getting a little too crazy for Sarah so she logged off for the day and explained what she has tried to do to resolve her error in judgment.






Do y’all think it was appropriate for her to delete the entire thread or would it have been fine for Sarah to add the original source as part of her thread? Comment below.

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