8 Ways to Lower Your Vehicle Insurance Payments

Insurance payments take up a large chunk of most citizens’ income month-to-month. With vehicle insurance, the payments can become especially frustrating. However, there are many unknown ways to lower your vehicle insurance payments, so you need to be taking advantage of them immediately. To get you started on the path to a less expensive insurance bill each month, here are eight amazing ways to lower your vehicle insurance payments: 

1. Consider a More “Insurance Friendly” Vehicle 


Not all vehicles are cheap to insure. Some, such as red cars, sports cars, and very old cars, can lead to increased coverage fees. If you’re driving a vehicle that is costing you an arm and a leg each time insurance payments come around, it may be time to consider trading your vehicle in for something more “insurance friendly.” Additionally, switching up vehicles can add a little pep to your year. 

2. Use Behavior-Based Discounts 


Many insurers will give you discounts on your coverage if you can prove you’re leading a safe, healthy, and productive life. Ask your insurer about behavior-based discounts, and take advantage of any that you qualify for. Then, aim to qualify for other behavior-based discounts to obtain in the future. This goal will help you save money, and help you boost your overall mood and behavior day-to-day as well. 

3. Take a Defensive Driving Course 


One of the best ways to boost your safety on the road, and take some cost of your monthly insurance payments, is to enroll in a defensive driving course. Many insurers will offer discounts on premiums if you take these courses, and will often even pay for the course cost. After all, keeping their drivers out of accidents is in the interest of the insurers, so they love it when their drivers take a defensive driving course. 

4. Boost Your Credit Score


Your credit score is attached to many aspects of your social and financial life. If your credit score is high, you’ll have access to lower premiums and deductibles for your vehicle insurance. Every other type of insurance and major investment will be benefited by having a higher credit score as well. Finding ways to build credit at every opportunity is the key to taking advantage of this tip. 

5. Look Into Multi-Car Discounts 


Especially if you have a family that drives multiple vehicles, packaging their insurance onto one policy (a multi-car plan) will give you access to multi-car discounts. There is a fantastic set of benefits that go along with this, beyond just lowering the cost of each vehicle’s coverage significantly. Just remember, if you have a bad driver or teen on the plan, you might not save as much as you would otherwise. 

6. Consider Increasing Your Deductible 


When you first go about getting your vehicle insurance, there are typically several deductible amounts you can choose from. Many drivers consider the lowest offering available for the coverage they need. However, when you increase your deductible, you can save money overall. If you have the budget to pay more of your fees upfront, you’ll score huge savings by year’s end. 

7. Download a Tracking App


Many insurers now offer discounts for clients that download driving tracking apps on their phones. These apps record how often you’re distracted while driving, how often you pick up your phone, and other metrics that determine how safe and careful you’re being while you’re on the road. Especially if you know you’re a fantastic driver, this is a quick, simple way to get a discount on your insurance rates. Single drivers will benefit from this trick especially, so you must find out if your insurer offers a tracking app as soon as humanly possible. 

8. Drive Safely 


Although it sounds obvious, driving as safely as you can at all times is one of the most surefire ways to lower your insurance costs. Without dedication to keeping yourself and everyone around you safe, you will find yourself in accidents that could both damage your finances and your health. Thankfully, if you’re following the other tips on this list, you already know you’re dedicated to being thoughtful and careful. 

Stay Safe Out There


Beyond just lowering your insurance payments, these eight steps will ensure you stay safe on the road. Every driver on the road is important, so giving your best to stay aware, focused, and thoughtful when driving is your duty. With these eight steps, you can refine your skills, and save some major bucks each month when your insurance bill arrives. With your saved money, you can treat yourself to something nice.

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