Yung Miami & Gina Hyunh Trade Shots Over Diddy Following Gina Pic

Starting to think that the women in Diddy’s life are not necessarily happy about each other being in his life.  Social media got to see a quick round of Yung Miami vs Gina Hyunh after Gina posted an image on social media of Diddy kissing her.  Seems Yung Miami, aka Caresha of the City Girls, who has been seemingly dating Diddy for months, was none too happy about the post, claiming Gina was doing too much.

Gina has actually been around Puff for years, even going back to when he was dating former Bad Boy artist, Cassie. However, Diddy and Gina have never been an official item.

More recently Puff has been spending a large amount of time with Yung Miami, even posting pics with her in February for her birthday in the British Virgin Islands.

The Yung Miami vs Gina Hyunh back and forth went on for a little over an hour with several tweets and IG story posts.

Yung Miami vs Gina Huynh

Gina Hyunh vs Yung Miami

Yung Miami and Gina Huynh

Yung Miami and Gina Huynh continued

Gina Hyunh and Yung Miami

Yung Miami Diddy

Gina Diddy


Yung Miami vs Gina Huynh drama

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