Bernie Mac Wasn’t Funny?! Twitter Dragged a User to Filth for Saying That

Bernie Mac wasn’t funny, according to a Twitter user by the name of @itsme_duhhhh.

Yesterday, the account holder, whose real name is Brandi, took to the networking site and sparked a whole lot of controversy.

Her tweet read: “Show me proof Bernie Mac was actually funny. Pls. Cause y’all dragging it.”

Bernie Mac Wasn't Funny

Following Brandi’s debate starter, fans of the late, legendary actor-comedian filled the quotes and replies, getting the young lady together for her statement.

They even dug up some old Mac videos for receipts.

See what the people pulled out of the bag here…

Bernie Mac Isn’t Funny?! Twitter Just Dragged a User to Filth for Saying That


Subsequently, Brandi realized that she’d messed up (badly) and asked for her Twitter family’s forgiveness, suggesting that they go easy on her.

Bernie Mac Wasn't Funny

Bernie Mac Wasn't Funny

Someone even provided her with an apology template:

Bernie Mac Wasn't Funny

We forgive our dear cyber sister, Brandi, but let’s just hope she doesn’t let it happen again!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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