Diddy Confirmed He’s Dating Yung Miami – They Go Together… Real Bad

Diddy Confirmed He's Dating Yung Miami
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Diddy confirmed he’s dating Yung Miami. During Yung Miami’s new show, Caresha Please, the two had an intimate conversation about life, love, mental health, sex and having fun. He even admitted he can be toxic! Diddy opened up about grieving Kim Porter and Yung Miami spoke about the loss of her baby father. They also, of course, spoke about their relationship. When Yung Miami asked if they go together and he reiterated the question, she responded ‘Real Bad.’ He responded, “whatever you say.”

They aren’t in a relationship but they are dating and having fun with each other. Diddy even spoke about taking her to Mexico to sample some of his Tequila.

Fans are having a ball with the phrase ‘real bad’ after Diddy confirmed he’s dating Yung Miami.










After the interview, Gina Hyunh posted a photo of a man with his hand inside her blouse via The Jasmine Brand. Gina previously dated Diddy and then beefed with Yung Miami on social media over Diddy. Is it Diddy’s hand or another man’s hands? I guess we won’t know until somebody indirectly or directly confirms.


Diddy Confirms He's Dating Yung Miami


Regardless of the drama, Diddy and Yung Miami seem to really be having fun with one another. The chemistry is really there in and out of the bedroom because the chemistry was on 1000 and their sexual inuendos/conversations were cute. Check out the interview below:



Y’all happy Diddy confirmed he’s dating Yung Miami but technically still single? Let us know in the comments.