Bad Boys LA Star Milan Christopher Announced ‘Bad Boys Atlanta’ Auditions Without Zeus TV Cosign

Bad Boys: Los Angeles Star Milan Christopher announced ‘Bad Boys Atlanta’ auditions without Zeus TV and they are not happy about it. Milan posted a casting call on his Instagram page for ‘Bad Boys Atlanta.’ He credited himself as the Executive Producer and his company, MCTVStreamingNetwork , as the streaming provider. There will be nine judges including his Bad Boys LA cast mates, Rio Skot and Moolah Moe.

Zeus TV saw the flyers and responded on their social media.

Zeus TV let fans know that Bad Boys Atlanta is not affiliated with Zeus TV and the Bad Boys reality TV franchise. The fact that Milan is using the name “Bad Boy” for his show is a violation of intellectual property rights, according to Zeus TV. Zeus TV further explained that Rio, Moolah and Milan are all in violation of their contracts because they aren’t supposed to be on another reality tv show until 2023 without first getting written permission from the network.



Milan decided to respond to Zeus TV on his Instagram. He said,

“Dear Zeus, Dear Lemuel Plummer, Dear Natalie Nunn,

Sweetie, you don’t own the rights to a fck a$$ thing. It’s a Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys records and has been tons of mthafckng Bad Boys t.v shows before you even came out with mthafck!ng ‘Bad Boys L.A.’ So releasing a statement saying your intellectual property, you don’t have any intellectual property that has anything to do with ‘Bad Boys Atlanta,’ which has actually been copyrighted and trademarked by me… “So, go mind your mthaf*ck!ng business b!tch. And with that being said, make sure you guys come out to June 18th, for the ‘Bad Boys Atlanta’ casting call. Make sure you click on MCTVStreaming network and fill out your applications so you guys can come out and have the opportunity to be on a new show.”



Milan and Moolah went on Instagram live to further address Zeus TV

Milan and Moolah, mainly Milan was speaking though, went on Instagram live to spill tea about Natalie Nunn AND the original Bad Boys LA show, which was started by a totally different network.

Fans have thoughts about this Milan/Zeus TV drama on Twitter. 







Are you here for Bad Boys Atlanta? Do you think Zeus TV has a case or is Milan well within his rights? Let us know in the comments.


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