Tabitha Brown Hosts Vegan Cooking Show “It’s CompliPlated” on The Food Network

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Tabitha Brown hosts vegan cooking show, “It’s COMPLIPLATED,” on The Food Network. “It’s CompliPlated” is a cooking challenge, where in each episode four chefs compete to create dishes that will please a series of judges with picky tastes.

These challenges will range from chefs having to make soul food dishes using only plant-based ingredients to lavish dinner party meals without fruits or vegetables. It’s a series that should be fun for everyone to watch. It’s CompliPlated premieres Thursday, August 11 at 10|9c on Food Network and will stream on discovery+.

Tabitha Brown is known for her sense of humor, smile and kind personality that can be felt through any screen. She’s also known for her best-selling book, acting chops, clothing line, and children’s TV show. She has gotten to this level of success through being herself regardless of her circumstances or camera equipment.

Tabitha went from posting herself eating a sandwich in her car to making cooking videos in her kitchen to now a full-fledged cooking show! Tabitha made the announcement on her Instagram page with the caption,

“Family look at what the Lord has done. He took me from my car eating a sandwich, to live cooking shows in my home kitchen and now to @foodnetwork. I’m so grateful to @worldofwonder @foodnetwork and @discoveryplus for going on this journey with me!! This show is about to change the way we all see food!! It’s for everyone and I can’t wait to take you all on the journey with me starting August 11th!!!. It’s COMPLIPLATED. OOHHH GOD I THANK YOU. Excuse me while I praise my way to these blessings”

Tabitha Brown hosts vegan cooking show

The Food Network and Discovery+ seem to be just as excited. Jane Latman, President, Home & Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery, told The Food Network that “It’s CompliPlated” reflects what it’s actually like to make a meal the whole family will love – it’s not easy to make one dish for everyone and this series makes it fun. Tabitha Brown’s energy, sense of humor and real-life journey to becoming vegan make her the perfect host to take us on this adventure.”

Congratulations to Tabitha Brown on all her success! Will you tune into “It’s CompliPlated” when it airs? Let us know below.