Cardi B And TheShadeRoom Have Intense Back And Forth On Social Media Over Posts

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Cardi B is back at it again with The Shade Room. Female hip-hop artist Cardi B and the Black-cultural celebrity news based social media blog, TheShadeRoom, brought their heated personal discussion to Twitter for the world to see and choose sides on yesterday July 10, 2022.

If you recall, TheShadeRoom and Cardi B were at odds back in the summer of 2019. The Bronx-bred rapper posted a series of Instagram videos in which she accused the celebrity news outlet of launching a “Cardi B hate campaign”. She specifically called out TSR’s founder Angie Nwandu, for continuing to post negative content about the people in her life. In summer 2018, Cardi expressed her frustration over the blog’s coverage, and said she no longer wanted its team to post anything about her or her sister, Hennessy Carolina.


In this instance, TheShadeRoom posted a photo of Kulture, Cardi B’s daughter, and Cardi B wanted to make a comment on it but couldn’t.
Back in 2018, shortly after Cardi’s initial rant, TSR began sharing screenshots of some of their more positive coverage of Cardi and her inner circle. Cardi wasn’t buying it. She pointed out that most of these #TSRPositiveImages posts were shared a year ago, and there had been no flattering coverage about her or Offset in 2019.
In this occurrence for 2022, there was more of the same. TSR shared screenshots of a collection of posts they have done to show Cardi B in a good light and not in a negative manner. TheShadeRoom said they play fair and show Cardi B in both good and bad situations as they are an entertainment entity and are therefore doing their job by entertaining the people with both good and bad celebrity engagements.
Cardi B said they are gaslighting her and then making it seem like she is the problem just as they did before.

Fans agree both sides are doing this to take light off of Nicki Minaj as the two are in a battle for the Queen of rap. Cardi fans say this proves what Cardi was saying before to be true with receipts. The Shade Room supporters want to know why now? Could it be the fact that Nicki Minaj has gotten so much praise at the Wireless Festival? Or is Cardi B mad that she didn’t get as much love as Nikki over the weekend?

Cardi B said she has tried to reach out to The Shade Room several times, but they have ignored her DMs, so her next approach was to bring it to social media.

Cardi B posted 2 videos where she explains she is only human and wants to be treated like so. Both videos have been since deleted, and so has the Twitter exchange from Cardi B’s thread. But we have the screenshots! 



— Cardi B (@iamcardib) July 11, 2022


After that, the exchange goes on into the next morning, with fans chiming in on both sides. One thing for certain, many feel no matter who is in the wrong in the situation, The Shade Room was very unprofessional in their responses to Cardi B. The exchange begins with talk of getting lawyers involved, as Cardi B recently won a lawsuit against a YouTuber named Tasha K for saying she had and spread a STD.

Here is the exchange:


Cardi B v TSR 2


Cardi v TSR 3


CardiB vs TSR 4


CardiB vs TSR 5


CardiB vs TSR 6


CardiB vs TSR7 7


CardiB vs TSR 8


CardiB vs TSR 9


CardiB vs TSR 10



CardiB vs TSR 11


CardiB vs TSR 12


CardiB vs TSR


CardiB vs TSR 14


CardiB vs TSR 15



CardiB vs TSR


CardiB vs TSR 17


CardiB vs TSR 18


CardiB vs TSR 19


CardiB vs TSR 20


CardiB vs TSR 21


CardiB vs TSR 26


CardiB vs TSR 23


CardiB vs TSR 24


CardiB vs TSR 25


CardiB vs TSR 26


Cardi B (@iamcardib) tweeted at 0:01 AM on Mon, Jul 11, 2022:
I gave multiple receipts today and yet y’all have posted none,now y’all LYING to the public again making it seem like the convo was about other people when the convo was about this SAME SHIT YALL DOING NOW!SEND THEM PAPERS AND MAKE SURE THEY FROM THE PERSON I HAD THE CONVO WITH!

As of 8am this morning July 11, 2022, the tweet exchange has been deleted from Cardi B’s Twitter. At this time, all that remains are these tweets from both Cardi B and TheShadeRoom. 


Cardi B (@iamcardib) tweeted at 2:37 AM on Mon, Jul 11, 2022:
You know what, let’s handle this like adults. Angie let’s get on the phone @TheShadeRoom


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