DDG Opens Up About Halle Bailey Relationship: ‘I Look Up To Her’

DDG opens up on Halle Bailey relationship
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Rapper DDG (Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr) has opened up about his blooming relationship with singer and actress Hailey Bailey.

During an interview with DJ Akademiks ‘Off the Record podcast‘, the 24 year old rapper reveals how his girlfriend motivates him and makes him work harder.

“I honestly get inspired by my girl. She honestly motivated me to be better and work harder and get to certain levels,” he said. “I look up to her in a sense ’cause it’s, like, I never been around nobody that really… ’cause I feel like I’m always the motivator, I’m the inspirer. I’m the muthafucka, inspiring muthafuckas to do better.”

He added, “It’s like I’m in a different mode now where I’m getting inspired by somebody. I feel like it’s healthy in that way for me ’cause it’s like a weight off my shoulders. It’s like, ‘Ok, I need to work harder.’ It’s challenging in a good way. It just makes me want to go harder versus feeling overwhelmed or some sh**.”

After months of romance rumors, as the couple was spotted together at Usher’s Las Vegas concert on New Year’s Day, where the rapper had his arm around the singer, together even on an ‘underwater’ date, DDG confirmed their relationship status on his Instagram handle when he wished his significant other a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday to the beautifulest, the flyest, the sweetest ❤️,” he wrote. “Love you forever.” The post contained pictures of them kissing, standing by a mirror, and DDG placing an enormous studded “Halle” necklace on her neck before embracing her with a hug.

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