Former Bad Girls Club Star Shannade Clermont Shoots Her Shot At Steve Harvey On Twitter

Bad Girls Club star Shannade Clermont shoots her shot at Steve Harvey on Twitter. On Friday, July 8th, Steve Harvey posted a photo with him blowing smoke out from his cigar with the caption, “Mr. Put That $$$$ On.” Shannade Clermont shoots her shot at Steve Harvey by retweeting the photo with the caption, “Come home daddy.”

This is a bold move on Shannade’s part since Steve Harvey is married with children. Steve Harvey has been married to Lori Harvey’s mom, Marjorie Bridges since 2007. It’s the third marriage for both of them and it looks like the third time is the charm. While a couple of people pointed out that he’s married, most of her fans found it amusing. When people asked about her retweet in the comments, she shot her shot at Steve Harvey with no regrets by saying “das my man sis.”







But who is Shannade Clermont? Why does she have 170k+ followers on twitter? Shannade Clermont was on Bad Girls Club season 14 with her twin sister, Shannon. They both model and were featured on Kanye West’s ‘Yeezy Season 6.’ After the show, Clermont served one year in federal prison for stealing debit card information from a deceased man who she called her “sugar daddy.” She was released in 2020 and has since formed a mental health foundation with her sister called The Clermont Foundation.

Now there’s a strong possibility that Shannade could really be joking. But I doubt Steve or Marjorie Harvey is in on the joke. Either that, or they just don’t care, respectfully. What do y’all think about Shannade shooting her shot? Leave a comment below.


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