Social Media Reacts to the Monkeypox Outbreak Increasing in the US

Is the monkeypox outbreak increasing in the US?

Well, unfortunately so.

According to recent news updates, in May, the first case of monkeypox in the United States, which is an infectious viral disease, was located in Boston, Massachusetts.

What initially started in the UK has reportedly expanded from overseas and reached a total of 48 states.

Symptoms of infection can include fever, swollen lymph nodes, and blisters and may show up between 5-21 days from the time of exposure.

What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

Already living in fear of COVID-19, social media users took to their accounts to express their concerns about the rise of monkeypox in the states.

The governor of New York declared a disaster emergency for the state, as the amount of monkeypox patients only seem to go up by the day.

A lot of people are wanting another shut down, while others are finding comedy to cope through these scary times.

Monkeypox was originally labeled and misconceived as higher risk for males of the LGBTQ community.

However, additional details have since proven that to be false, as the disease happens to be contagious to those of all demographics.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions…

Social Media Reacts to the Monkeypox Outbreak Increasing in the US


What were some of your first reactions to the Monkeypox virus reaching the United States? Let us know in the comments below!

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