Tips for Beginner Gamblers

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Clients of virtual casinos most often have fun in slot machines since they are the easiest way to try their luck and enjoy the game without much thought. However, if you want to not only play but also win, you need to act correctly. There are many examples of when ordinary people have become rich due to winnings in online casinos. We have decided to consider tips for beginner gamblers based on the vast experience of professionals. If you play correctly, the chances of winning will be higher, and the total amount of money lost will not make you worry.

Game Tips

Recommendations from experienced users who have learned how to win in online casinos include reading slot reviews. You can visit our site to know how to play Spin City slots and what percentage of winning combinations falls on the main and bonus games. You can also find out the real volatility and returns. Based on the data obtained, you should build your gaming strategy. Other tips:

  • Bet on all lines. Most modern games have them fixed, but there are exceptions. The chance of winning is greatly increased if all combinations on the reels are taken into account.
  • Don’t get carried away with progressive jackpot machines. Such devices have a low RTP, and the chance to hit the jackpot is minimal. If you take risks, then you need to choose a massive prize pool. In this case, it is better to bet the minimum. Any amount can hit the jackpot.
  • Do not play at the maximum stakes. This will lead to a rapid loss of the bankroll.
  • If the user goes into minus, it is necessary to change the machine. You should not try to win back after 20 or 30 unsuccessful spins.
  • Test slots in demo mode. Having made 100 or 200 free spins, the user will be able to evaluate the return and deal with management and bonuses.
  • Don’t play non-stop. Pauses every 20-30 minutes will save you from rash decisions.

It is crucial to remember that it will be possible to receive and withdraw winnings on sites with a license. Twisted slots are placed on scammer sites. It’s impossible to beat them. Users need to choose the right operator for real bets.

In online casinos that support responsible gaming, you can set a limit on losses per day, week, or month. This will help you stop at the right time.

How to Choose a Slot to Win

To win slot machines, you should select the desired device. The main criteria affecting the probability of hitting the jackpot:

  • Recoil. It is worth playing slots with RTP from 95%+. It is better not to consider those with an RTP lower than 90%. However, even 99% of the theoretical return does not guarantee victory, but only shows a higher chance of success.
  • Free spins and respins. Free spins are a lucrative bonus option. To activate it, you need to collect specific combinations of symbols on the reels. Usually, the user is given 10 to 30 rotations. By collecting specific symbols on active lines, you can earn another batch of free spins.
  • Doubling risk level. The option allows you to increase your winnings by several times. The user can control the level of risk and decide when to stop.
  • Bonus level. During it, you can win huge sums.

Don’t Be Fooled by Common Myths

Several myths influence the game for beginners. It is important to dispel them:

  • Volatility is important. It does not matter. When choosing a gambling machine, you need to proceed from the style of play: aggressive or moderate. It all depends on whether the user wants to receive frequent but small amounts, or large but rare.
  • New slots give big winnings. The chance to win in new and old-school devices is the same. It is a myth that modern video slots give out winning combinations more often.
  • Playing machines heated by other users is more profitable. Previous victories will not affect the recoil and will not grant an additional advantage.


The game should be enjoyed, this is also an important tip for fans of slots. Now there is a wide variety of slots on offer, find the one that suits you, otherwise, you will quickly get tired of spinning the reels. Take losses and wins for granted. If, after one of the serious outcomes of the game, you feel anxiety, joy, a desire to win back, and so on, it is better to stop playing for a while.

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