Fetty Wap To Be Sentenced A Minimum of Five Years Behind Bars

Fetty Wap Prison Photos
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The hip-hop star Fetty Wap will be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years behind bars after pleading guilty to a federal drug charge. This is coming after Fetty Wap admitted his role in an interstate, multi-million dollar drug trafficking scheme on Monday, pleading guilty to a charge worth a minimum sentence of five years in prison.

The rapper was arrested back in October 2021. According to reports, Fetty was traveling for Rolling Loud New York when he and his co-defendants got apprehended by the feds. They were accused of using USPS trucks to smuggle drugs. According to reports, the feds uncovered $1.5 million in cash, 16 kilograms of cocaine, 2 kilograms of heroin, fentanyl pills, and several guns.

Fetty Wap entered the plea to a single count of conspiracy to possess and distribute 500 grams of cocaine before Judge Steven I. Locke at the federal courthouse in Central Islip on Long Island. According to the New York Post, the rapper admitted to the judge saying, “I agreed with other people to distribute cocaine.” Going on, when asked how the rapper would like to plead, he responded, “Guilty.”

Two of 31-year-old Willie Junior Maxwell II’s co-defendants named, Robert Leonardi and Anthony Cyntje pleaded guilty to the same count, in addition to firearms charges.

Fetty Wap’s fans across the world have taken to Twitter to relay their concern and thoughts regarding the new development.

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