How to Style a Satin Midi Dress for Everyday Wear

Style A Satin Midi Dress
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The perfect “going out” dress is a must in every person’s closet, but that doesn’t mean you have to reserve those dresses for special occasions only. A dress is a great way to embrace your feminine side, and it’s easy enough to style a dress with both comfort and taste in mind. When you’re dress shopping, keep in mind that style is subjective and there’s really no wrong way to wear a dress. You can choose accessories, shoes, and outerwear pieces that capture your personal style and the elegance of a dress.


One of the benefits of a satin midi dress is its simplicity. Some fashion lovers feel guilty for wearing a one-piece dress when they could opt for a more elaborate outfit, but the main appeal of dresses is their effortless appearance. Dresses have come a long way from the heavy skirts and petticoats of early fashion. As people who spend most of our time working, hanging out with friends, or lounging at home—not dressing up for a ball to impress potential suitors—we need dresses that make sense for our lifestyle. 


Fortunately, the versatility of satin midi dresses means you can dress them up or dress them down with the right accessories. The sheen and elegant drape of the satin material will still make you feel like royalty, too. These slim-fitting dresses are all about accentuating your curves and may just help boost your confidence. In fact, don’t worry about feeling too dressed up. After two years of quarantine and being unable to wear cute outfits, fashion lovers are ready to dress up on a daily basis. If cottagecore is your thing, a satin midi dress is a must-have. Many come in muted colors or floral patterns, and with the perfect plant, flower, or animal-shaped earrings and other accessories, you’ll definitely be giving fairy vibes.


Even if you’re ready to commit to dressing up more regularly, you might not know how to style your satin midi dress for day-to-day or office wear. If you have discovered a personal style that resonates with you, you can use that as a basis for choosing colors and jewelry that complement your satin midi dress. Read on for some styling ideas based on your personal aesthetic and the other items in your closet.

1. Cottagecore or Soft Aesthetic

It’s a given that satin midi dresses are a perfect fit for the cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore is all about a love of nature, and this includes dresses and cardigans with floral print. Shorts and pants with a wider leg and 90s fit are also popular. Cottagecore girls and boys dress up their outfits with chunky, nature-themed jewelry shaped like frogs, bees, strawberries, mushrooms, and other symbols of nature. You could just wear a floral satin midi dress by itself. Dresses with floral patterns tend to be more laidback and resemble sundresses more than solid colors. Chunky jewelry or jewelry with charms can also be a great alternative to the more elegant silver and gold pieces. Finally, choose a flowy cardigan in beige, brown, or white—depending on the color of your dress—and even a cute sunhat to complete your look.

2.  eGirl/eBoy or Grunge Aesthetic

If you prefer the rebellious look of the grunge aesthetic or the cute but edgy look of an eGirl, you can still rock a satin midi dress. You can rock anything you want!


eGirl and eBoy outfits include high-waisted pants, belts, mesh tops or tights, edgy skirts, and dark boots. Grunge outfits are a little more laidback with dark-colored graphic tees and sweaters, ripped jeans, or dark skirts. Choosing a midi dress in a dark color like purple, dark blue, or black is a great way to match your edgy style. You can then accessorize with layered silver jewelry or chokers, tights underneath, heavy boots, or even a leather jacket or bomber jacket as outerwear.

3.  Clean or Minimalist Aesthetic

The clean or minimalist aesthetic combines solid-colored formal and casual clothing pieces for a sleek, clean look. Popular outfits are basic t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, trousers, and blazers in a color scheme that includes white, black, blue, and beige. Because of their sleek design, satin dresses are ideal for a clean aesthetic. The silhouettes are simple and can be worn by themselves or with a comfortable blazer for a relaxed yet chic look. A midi dress with a blazer can function as a business casual outfit that’s still stylish.

4.  Vintage or Artsy Aesthetic

If your aesthetic is vintage or artsy, then you’re in luck, because your options for accessorizing a satin midi dress are practically endless. Satin dresses already have a bit of vintage charm and would look great with other vintage layers, like an old jean jacket with lots of cute patches and pins. The artsy aesthetic also loves layers, and those who embrace the look tend to wear graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts with abstract or artistic patterns. You could even layer your midi dress with a long white t-shirt underneath to help dress down your look.


Perfect for Any Occasion 

It’s amazing that satin midi dresses are so elegant and versatile without the designer price tag. You can wear them with almost any accessory or outerwear, whether you want to dress up or dress down. No matter what your style, you’ll be able to find one that suits you.

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